okumsup digimaster
Mar 17, 03 3:52am
I dont even know who you are and you dont even come around here much but its great to see you in the forums, try your hardest to be a digimaster, haha!
paildramon 2 digimaster
Nov 07, 02 9:59pm
If you get code on code digivolving contact me and have a good time playing.See ya in the forum have lots of fun and continue to give tips digimaster.
foolester420 digimaster
Aug 16, 02 9:35am
I have not seen you for a while,must be doing some chores:laugh:.Hope Gomamon is still walking.
Cya around in DCB forum.
Legendary digimaster
Jul 22, 02 7:19am
Well I haven't seen you lately;( You have always been a good friend to anyone and everyone, keep up the good work and hope to hear from you soon. And its glad to see Gomamon is still walking after all of these months^_^

Cya around
ancientgreymon digimaster
Jun 24, 02 5:45pm
hi watsup digimaster i sighned your guestbook
dont know what you expect of me but im just sighnin your guest book k
............ ................ ........
metalmamemon digimaster
Jun 18, 02 11:04pm
Hey Digimaster bet your surprised to see me back here I finally beat the game and I am now trying to save money for Digimon World 2 so I can try it out? Do you have Digimon Rumble arena I beat that game aleady it was easy. Well Its great to be back!!!