kruger dgtlmonk
Nov 21, 12 1:24pm
Quick to respond and easy to deal with! Recommend for all tranactions!
Garik33 dgtlmonk
Nov 21, 12 1:23pm
The Best MiddleMan service, Thank You very Much again.
Garik33 dgtlmonk
Nov 10, 12 4:26pm
Thanks again for being there to make this transactions easy for us. The Best and only MiddleMan ever for me in this forum.
windezz dgtlmonk
Nov 10, 12 4:18pm
As honest and professional as one can hope for, thank you!
lilmisfit23 dgtlmonk
Oct 20, 12 11:24pm
Easy and fast transaction. Nice guy. Thanks!
Peterr dgtlmonk
Oct 20, 12 4:59pm
Everything went smoothly despite of some complex scenarios. Very patient and takes his time ..making sure everything goes accordingly.
iceslayer dgtlmonk
Oct 18, 12 10:57am
First time using middleman service and i must say its easy and safe. he will guide you through and make sure u receive the money before releasing the items to the buyer. I highly vouch for this guy's service!!!
rokea dgtlmonk
Oct 18, 12 10:46am
Quick msg to renew my vouch with this guy. I made many large transactions with his help in the last few weeks, everything went flawlessly. Easy to deal with, fast, great communication.. Thanks DgtlMonk: you da man!
Garik33 dgtlmonk
Oct 17, 12 8:59pm
The Best Middle Man and the best Helpful Guy in this Forum. He Helped with large transaction . Very good communication, Highly recommended. Thanks a lot!
Swartz dgtlmonk
Oct 15, 12 9:55pm
great middleman. You will not get scammed. FAst RESPONSE
GonnaGetIt dgtlmonk
Oct 15, 12 9:53pm
Thanks monk for all you great help with all the crap i buy and sell lol
robtrap dgtlmonk
Oct 13, 12 7:17pm
Will be using over and over. This is the guy to go to when making your large transactions.
Darseo dgtlmonk
Oct 08, 12 7:01am
second time to use his service and still recommend him, great service and fast
killerblues6630 dgtlmonk
Oct 08, 12 6:59am
Great service! Fast and smooth. No hitches. Transfer was a breeze! Highly recommended!
jestr dgtlmonk
Oct 01, 12 3:45pm
Great middleman service. Thanks.
ripple0129 dgtlmonk
Oct 01, 12 2:35pm
awesome middleman, having 3 times work out with dgtlmonk, recommend
rokea dgtlmonk
Oct 01, 12 2:25pm
DgtlMonk has helped me process multiple large transactions around here for thousands of dollars. Excellent service every time, he's fast and to be trusted!
cardmancoll dgtlmonk
Sep 28, 12 11:44pm
This guy is awesome! Transaction went smooth and with no problem.
Seerm dgtlmonk
Sep 28, 12 11:43pm
If you have any doubts of selling/buying, I highly recommend using his middleman service!
pinyot dgtlmonk
Sep 28, 12 9:45pm
helpful and patient. recommended!
Darseo dgtlmonk
Sep 28, 12 12:10pm
helped a lot and recommend him, will definitely contact him for future transactions
Daysdiefast dgtlmonk
Sep 17, 12 9:07pm
He conducted a $350 trade for me... Went smoothly and he made it extremely easy... Will use again and again!
rayjin dgtlmonk
Aug 29, 12 5:49pm
cheapo xD but really good buyer
rayjin dgtlmonk
Aug 29, 12 5:48pm
fast payment xD

really good BUYER XD
RoBQuitting dgtlmonk
Aug 29, 12 10:10am
Middlemaned for me and did a great job!