huh i guess i am easy to get along with...i mean i am friendlyand i have many firends. i am usually more of a quiet person tho not a freak...i do get out. i enjoy parties and i do drink occasionally. i am anaturally depressed persona and kan be depressing to other ppl and kan be insensitive at times but i am usually helpful with like the friend u would c if u had a question or a problem. their is nothing i love more than my own space when i want to be alone and sing or write music or practice my guitar. i also like hangin out with my friends...yea thatz me


i love sports and music i prefer the louder stuff like metal, black and gothic metal mostly. and girls of course but im not a freikin pervert...and no i am not gothic or satanist and no that is not MY picture it is the lead singer of a band i know...


im my cold cell...when the bell begins to chime...reflecting...on my past life..and it doesnt have much time...

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Review: Devil May Cry - This is a great game!!!

Jun 18, 2003

This game is a very good game that wil keep you up all night for sure. You play as a half human half demon dante and go on your way to kill puppet demons adn many other types of monsters. The boss battles are hard but they all are beatable....

justin somebody

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