Doing a lot of breeding and I'm wanting to make some trades. All of the pokemon in this listing have at least 5-ivs. I h

I need help with breeding ideas. Anyone wanna help with pokemon for me to breed in x and y? Balls moves abilities natures. Lo

I'm trading my 5-iv pokemon that I've gotten through breeding. Non are shiny fyi. Looking for other 5-ivs. All are

I'm looking for any non us ditto with with 5-6 ivs.

I'm looking for either a 3+ iv female or 5-iv of either gender. Attack not necessary. Sassy would be nice UT also not ne

Looking mainly for Water types but I'm interested in all offers. Shinys I can offer: Riolu Zorua Oddish Frillish

I have no idea. and the more friends i can make finding out the better! 4914-3369-9110

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