Hope you have a good one!
Well, would you belive it? Not only do we both like Shenmue but we live in the same county as well. It really is a small world. Especially seeing as this was a random signing.

Cool banner by the way.
...are officially awesome. Oh, hello. [waves]

I had a stamp but I destroyed it. 125 characters and counting.
Hello little friend!!!

You've been rewarded for your great effort or nice personality on the forum that I, the great Gamejunkie, visits by means of a guestbook signing that is beyond any of you. Getting one of these stamps cost me a day of neoseeking as a result of banment (I forgot to disable my sig). So feel proud and honored!!!

Here, have a stampie

^o^ Hope you had a good Bank Holida~~aay! (If you have them wherever you come from )
Sign Back or I'll eat ya.
hiya i have a new stamp which deserves a place in your guestbook.
havent spoken to u in ages...i hope you are ok and had a good easter.

take care
I'm on my usual signing spree!
Life is da bomb!
Enjoy it now or i'll desroy the world in a few days!

Stamp back!

Stamp back!

Stamp back!

Stamp back!

I'd want to sign your Guestbook, cause i'm on signing spree.
Please Stamp back and we will be a good friends someday( if we are not them now;))
P.S. excuse for no pic..just problems with photobucket... Next stamp will be with pic! I promise!
Hope you had a good Valentines Day

Here ya go, have a stamp, a beautiful stamp!

Gwen Stefani? you're ruining my mental image >_< lol.

Hope you're doing well with your photography Ms Buttercup and hope you enjoy 2005.

Hey there! I hope that this holiday season brings you loads of joy and love. It's been a year filled with many events, but yet, we find ourselves moving on to 2005. Here are a few stamps for you to enjoy this holiday season!!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays,


Take Care!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

p.s. Your avatar is kool!

Hello demon buttercup's little friend.
Merry Christmas!
Hey, I'm just on a random signing spree and you are one of my first customers! ^^ I have no stamp, so you'll just have to make do with me taking up as little space as possible in your guestbook. Anyway, see you around the forums, loadsa luv,
I dont have a halloween stamp
but here are two of my newest one's

sign back

happy halloween
On commision... we own Asian Cinema.

Hope you're doing okay with the photography and so on.

Hope it's not a..
because kids call on my door, but they refuse to run.

Happy Sunday then!
stamping spree once again

hope you are ok
If you received this entry, then I guess I've seen you somewhere.
Have a good time on Neoseeker, and feel free to sign back.

I'm out.

~You got pwn3d...~
Hey there^_^
Just stoppin by to say hi, and also to stamp as im here:D

Beware, im a crazed lunatic signing randomly:laugh:

Hope you like it^_^
Sign back if you want

Signed by...