Jesus it has been 2 years since i updated this... Im 21 now, 3rd year at uni, studying games design... its incredible, but the market is tough, you have to be stunningly brilliant to get noticed, so thats my aim :P


How do everyone! Im Sean, but everyone now seems to call me Seany, so i guess thats my new name lol, hardly much of a lifestyle change but what the hell!

Im a closet nerd to be honest, but i can hide it quite well when i have to lol

Im open to loadsa stuff, always nice to try something a little different ;)

Im a lazy bum student who enjoys spending his days bumming around as much as possible, but every now and again i have to go to uni... But i panic when all the work is due in and pull like 70 hour weeks getting the bloody work done! Ive got 18 months left, and im doin a gigantically nerdy subject, half the people would run screaming going "ewww nerd!" but for those types of people i say "byesies!" but its really not gonna matter on neo though because youre all dorks!
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