I'm wondering on other peoples opinions on these two fine games. I have posted some comments about both Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. Both games have there pros and cons for instance what I like about Black Ops is that you can use AIs in your offline multiplayer matches making it more fun and it doesn't take up a spot on your tv screen as if you were playing against someone else. But there is also things I don't like that only a person who has played Modern Warfare 2 would probably understand. There are no NUKES. I know this might not make a difference to other players, but to me nothing is better than watching the other team lose and the entire map getting blown up. There also isn't any form of an EMP in Black Ops, but what I did like is that they put in the dogs, RC, Napalm Strike, and a few others. Now on to Modern Warfare, my personal favorite. I think that it is better over Black Ops for a few reasons. First I think that the weapons are distributed better than in Black Ops. You have to earn them, instead of getting a few kills then just buying a gun. Any new player or noob could easily get the best weapon just for getting some kills or if their team wins. I also like the Spec. Ops for this game. I think that the Zombie Game Mode is some what like Spec Ops, an extra that makes the game better. Also both games maps are extremely well made. But I will always be more of a MW2 person. Lastly I dislike how there is only three different secondary weapon groups (pistols, launchers, and special weapons.) I liked how MW2 had Machine pistols, shotguns, launchers, pistols, and all the rest. What do you all think?

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