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Jul 13, 10 8:10am
i am so glad they're making a remake of this this game because the graphics in this one are very poor GoldenEye
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  • "This game is one of the best fps`s of all time. Even though the graphics aren`t the best, the gameplay makes up for it. GoldenEye"
    awesomepossum123 Jul 29, 13 6:35pm
  • "This game is fun, but lacks good graphics. GoldenEye"
    Potato12321 Apr 2, 11 7:36pm
  • "the all time most famous bond game possibly the best fp on the n64 GoldenEye"
    nasty nappa Aug 12, 10 10:27am
  • "5/5 GoldenEye"
    Crumb Aug 4, 10 4:33pm
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