the funnest freaking game i ever played SaintsRowTheThird PC
really really really really gorey Splatterhouse X360
psn id is Zahlia7 feel free to add me
for a game to hold off gears of war... this is pretty good, its like a fusion of Halo and gears UnrealTournament3 PC
absolutly the worstest game on this freaking planet, if theres anything worse, tell me about it SOCOMConfrontation PS3
the most terrible game in the universe which i didn't know the rating out of 10 until i played it, just freaking speechless Stormrise PC
this game is good............ is it had iron sights. TimeShift PC
absolutley terrible, and pretty short TurningPointFallOfLiberty PC
Massive Action Game it is... I love this stuff! MAG PS3
all I have to say is... Fallout 3 totally dominates New Vegas... big time!! Fallout3 PC
ok, I was really surprised that this didn't have any trophies, its great gameplay, but its lacking something thats quite common. 8.6/10 ArmyOfTwo X360
i could not beat this game because of its difficulty, anybody who wants a challenge, its gotta be this game NinjaGaidenSigma PS3
this game is not even close to the one for ps3 or xbox, it sucks for wii, big dissapointment CallOfDutyBlackOps PC
awesome game, love the skills that you can learn, awesome bloody graphics!!! Bulletstorm PC
just beat bulletstorm and its pretty short but amazing game!!!!!!!!
this game is amazingly fun, and i just cant stop jacking cars because of the peoples reactions. i would recomend it. my rating, 9.6/10 JustCause2 PC
OK, right away when i started playing this i was totally freaked out, i died a lot in the begining but i got used to it. my rating, 9.3/10 ResistanceFallOfMan PS3
i havn't been on here lately but i just have to say if you haven't played Elder Scrolls, DO IT NOW!!!
this game is kinda hard, but once you start shooting everywhere sometimes you cant see what your doin which really bothers me. 8.2/10 SuperStardustHD PS3
i love this game and its just what a classic rpg game is all about. awesome story line and a big improvement. i wonder what Skyrim is like TheElderScrolls4Oblivion PC

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