Jan 21, 12 8:27pm
the funnest freaking game i ever played SaintsRowTheThird
Jan 21, 12 8:26pm
really really really really gorey Splatterhouse
Sep 20, 11 7:02pm
psn id is Zahlia7 feel free to add me
Sep 20, 11 6:58pm
for a game to hold off gears of war... this is pretty good, its like a fusion of Halo and gears UnrealTournament3
Sep 20, 11 6:55pm
absolutly the worstest game on this freaking planet, if theres anything worse, tell me about it SOCOMConfrontation
Aug 22, 11 8:26pm
the most terrible game in the universe which i didn't know the rating out of 10 until i played it, just freaking speechless Stormrise
Aug 22, 11 8:25pm
this game is good............ is it had iron sights. TimeShift
Aug 22, 11 8:24pm
absolutley terrible, and pretty short TurningPointFallOfLiberty
Jul 30, 11 7:14pm
Massive Action Game it is... I love this stuff! MAG
Jul 30, 11 7:13pm
all I have to say is... Fallout 3 totally dominates New Vegas... big time!! Fallout3
Jul 30, 11 7:12pm
ok, I was really surprised that this didn't have any trophies, its great gameplay, but its lacking something thats quite common. 8.6/10 ArmyOfTwo
Jul 14, 11 6:09pm
i could not beat this game because of its difficulty, anybody who wants a challenge, its gotta be this game NinjaGaidenSigma
May 15, 11 4:14pm
this game is not even close to the one for ps3 or xbox, it sucks for wii, big dissapointment CallOfDutyBlackOps
May 15, 11 4:06pm
awesome game, love the skills that you can learn, awesome bloody graphics!!! Bulletstorm
May 15, 11 4:02pm
just beat bulletstorm and its pretty short but amazing game!!!!!!!!
Apr 23, 11 3:37pm
this game is amazingly fun, and i just cant stop jacking cars because of the peoples reactions. i would recomend it. my rating, 9.6/10 JustCause2
Apr 23, 11 3:35pm
OK, right away when i started playing this i was totally freaked out, i died a lot in the begining but i got used to it. my rating, 9.3/10 ResistanceFallOfMan
Mar 29, 11 5:50pm
i havn't been on here lately but i just have to say if you haven't played Elder Scrolls, DO IT NOW!!!
Mar 29, 11 5:37pm
this game is kinda hard, but once you start shooting everywhere sometimes you cant see what your doin which really bothers me. 8.2/10 SuperStardustHD
Mar 29, 11 5:31pm
i love this game and its just what a classic rpg game is all about. awesome story line and a big improvement. i wonder what Skyrim is like TheElderScrolls4Oblivion

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