Does your chances increase with a ditto and a foreign pokemon or stay the same?

I unlocked the moto x uniforms but thier not it Trevor's woredrobe. Can anyone tell me where they are?

I know u can get boats and hook trailers to trucks with a toeball(thing u hook a trailer to) is there a pier that u can drop

Hey my cuzin got me the game for ps2 and ps3 for christmas cuz he got it at a yard sale and I wanna beat the cub trophy does

So I've been looking for hrs how do I find a klefki with its HA magician?

Okai so im play pokemon black and I got my team set up buh i dont knw what moves to use Tepig Pansage Tempole-surf Patra

Comment the best seeds Mine- Seed: -1818728667348084098 All biome are present on this map. You spawn on a mushroom island

so after i killed the guy who murdered the mans wife i went exploring in sequence 2 and i found a man running on the rooftops

I juss bought the game today and i havent started yet buh can you keep playing after u beat the main story? Jw

me and my friend want to battle at school and we just want to know is it possible to battle each other without wifi when we&#

Okai ive already picked my team i just need help with the natures. I need the best natures for the pokemon. The pokemon im us

Looks like powersaves can do ev spreads now. That's gonna take the fun out of the game even more Not only can with giv

playing pokemon y

so far i have Chespin and Fletchling does anyone have any other pokemon for my team?

i juss started playing soccer(like really playing) last yr and im jw what is the shortlist on fifa 07

Plzzz I need some dittos for breeding a pokemon for my friend My fc is: 3282-2103-9761 My name is Deathjr

So jw buh has anyone beat the main story on the hardest difficulty? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confus

i have newly hatched pichus with volt talkle. u can trade any pokemon for one. if u have any shiny I'll take them for pic

Playing fifa 07 for ps2

So I got Pokémon Black 2 from my friend and Im forced to start a new game. So what Pokémon to chose as my start

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