Plzzz I need some dittos for breeding a pokemon for my friend My fc is: 3282-2103-9761 My name is Deathjr

So jw buh has anyone beat the main story on the hardest difficulty? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confus

i have newly hatched pichus with volt talkle. u can trade any pokemon for one. if u have any shiny I'll take them for pic

Playing fifa 07 for ps2

So I got Pokémon Black 2 from my friend and Im forced to start a new game. So what Pokémon to chose as my start

looking at cheats
im redoing white 2/have a team planed out plz let me knw if i should add some or take some out. tepig riou mareep sewaddle patrat(hm slave)
playing pokemon tower defense 2

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