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Paranormal Forum- It all started around April 2005. I decided we needed a paranormal forum and made a petition. Other seeker's helped me as well such as Zorro with the link's. You can find the forum under the Special interest section.

(An amazing community lost)

For me when I first joined Neoseeker and up until around a year and a half ago it was a great site. I knew and loved the community. Now most of those people I knew and loved have either left Neoseeker or are in different forums. Sadly i know that I will never recapture that old GTA: San Andreas community of even the whole site feel. I log in every day post at random times but not like I used to. I will always cherish those days.

(The biography below was written when I joined. I'd like to keep it for personal reasons)
If you type in my name dcbake On Google

The first two links will say dcbake's user profile, If you see my name PM me or e-mail me

I am a dude,like playing GTA 3, Vice city and San Andreas.

I love neoseeker greatly

I am a pretty good member minus the insanity.

I have been discribed as a random poster,



Are you

E-mail me with the result.

Please do.

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Zombies VS. Vampires

It is by far one of the worst movies ever made. So are many cheap made movies.

The story line was so stupid all that was good was the lesbian sex and when the girl got down there to eat her pussy out she just bit her?

It happened 3 more times too.

Please don't rent it.

THE BUNKER (British)

Based in England ( I think)
It takes place in a bunker, In the woods, years earlier there were mass murders there, to prevent the spreading of an infectious disease.

Years later in WWI
AMericans are approaching on a russian bunker, The russians have hardly any ammo or food. Few men also,

You journey your way through a tunnel trying to find a way out
A couple of murders occur


In the end you are taken captive by the AMERICANS
THEN the story ends.

I would not recommend it

I give it 1 1/2 Stars



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To think or not to think.

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Review: Area 51 - A look into Area 51.....On a Bad Day

Jun 15, 2005

Now in Area 51 you Play as Ethan Cole a Hazmat team leader. You are asigned to investigate due to a destress call from Area 51. Once you Get there you learn your basic controls. Then the Fun starts things start to happen that are unexplainable....


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