Justmer daydream5556
Feb 23, 13 7:43am
Had great communication, which went very smooth. Great buyer! Wouldn't mind doing business with you again.
Zyx119 daydream5556
Feb 11, 13 8:00pm
Was a great buyer. Received payment via Paypal within minutes of making the deal. What a great customer.
whatitdo daydream5556
Dec 5, 12 5:57am
Great buyer. There were bumps in the transactions. But daydream was patient and very helpful. Hope to deal with again!
RoBtradelist daydream5556
Nov 16, 12 6:02pm
smooth transaction. legit buyer!
GonnaGetIt daydream5556
Oct 25, 12 5:38am
Bought from me, no problems at all, would love to sell to again.
rokea daydream5556
Sep 27, 12 10:41am
Quick payment, great communication, thanks!