well, I'm 16 not all that much to say... School I'm alright, good at the numbers and the english well... that's why i like forums to say the least.

I watch a few animes, which mainly include naruto and bleach atm I watch them primarily and occasionally watch a few others..

I used to read a few mangas but sadly I enjoy watching anime more so i gave it up, and only know as far as the anime except for in naruto i am still a few episodes ahead. Anime just has the visual effects.

I am a full time brawler now as my DS no longer works with wi-fi, I occasionally play my PS2 though, play old PSX games but also battlefront 2, tekken 5, however I haven't bothered connecting to the net with it so I hardly play it.

Friends and why:

to be added when I can be bothered.


games, certain sports, games, T.V, games, socializing, ga- you get the idea
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