Have a very festive time this holiday season

watch out for em

stay cool duuuuuuuuuuudette
well i use to see you a fair bit round in ffx2 forums so just signing i i guess and i got stamp now

Hey darkfire... just wanna say hi as i see you around the FF8 forum quite a lot now well hmmm.. here's a stamp from me hope you like it

just saying hi and pleading for you to sign my guestbook

Hiya, I've been seeing you a lot around the FFX forums, and you seem cool, so I thought I'd sign your book . Apologies for the lack of a stamp.

I dont know you very well but here

I hope you like it
Hi Dark, just here to wish you a happy summer! I hope it doesn't get too warm :'[. Well, i'l be seeing you around!