fairygrl dark_angel141
Aug 03, 10 10:52pm
You need to text me when you can if you have it back!! (:
& hellooo you're going to Hawaii??
i am so jealous of you! i would love to go there.
Rome dark_angel141
Dec 25, 08 3:18am
Hey, Jenn! I want you to have a Merry Christmas and to remember that I will always be your friend and shall always love you.

Ultimate Program dark_angel141
Jun 05, 07 9:13pm
Hey, I'm just glad I could help and I hope everything works out for you. It seems like I upset you over nothing and I'm really sorry for it. Hope you forgive me for it and happy birthday.
Knightmare Chaotix dark_angel141
Jun 04, 07 4:24pm

The best Stamp a guy can use. =D

~Knightmare Chaotix, The Untimed
yusuke123 dark_angel141
May 26, 07 12:05am

Things will get better ok?
I guess..we'll just have to deal with this right now, and I'll let you know if anything changes, that's a promise.

So sorry Jennifer..<3..
Rome dark_angel141
Apr 18, 07 10:06pm
I am signing again because you are one of my best Neofriends (I can't say that you are the best or I'll get in trouble, oops!).

Neofriends forever!
Bartuca dark_angel141
Apr 15, 07 12:48am
i like pie, do you not?

just thought id stop by and go on a stamping spree... first victim of the day ^^
Darksora45 dark_angel141
Feb 04, 07 2:22am
Hey dark (dont know if i can use ur real name yet so ill just say dark) just came to send you a signature in your guest book

Xemnas the Superior dark_angel141
Jan 28, 07 12:47am
thanks for being part of the rp thread. and also, thanks for staying faithful in the old one. i knew we could restore it!
Rome dark_angel141
Jan 27, 07 12:12pm
We are great friends now and I want to thank you for always being so nice to me.

Can I call you Jenn now? I thought that I should ask.
TheHeart of Darkness dark_angel141
Jan 12, 07 10:36pm
Hi I've seen you alot in the KH2 forum so I thought I'd sign your Guestbook and btw do you want to be neofriends?

Rome dark_angel141
Nov 17, 06 12:37am
Yeah, I know, this is waaaaay overdue. Anyway, I would like to say that you have been a wonderful neofriend and are probably the nicest person that I know on here. You never lose your temper like Knightmare Chaotix or Empress Dowager Lu. You are great in the RP and I think that you do Naminé very well in it because your character actually has a conscience and does not act on impulse as can often be seen with our colleagues. I have always thought that your avatar suits you well too. I can think of of two words to describe you and they are:
Gloriosa, generosa.
yusuke123 dark_angel141
Oct 09, 06 11:16am
Hi jenn <3

I randomly found this vid searching for a band on youtube. Watch it, I'm sure that you'll like it


I <3 you, bb.
DragonfuryX dark_angel141
Oct 07, 06 1:26am
Alright first of all. Jenny is the awesomest bestest Alaskan chick in the western hempishere! She has a pet penguin =). Don't mess with her or I will FLAME YOU TO HELL! AnD BURN YOU AGAIN!! So don't mess with her. Love you Jenny <3
Blitz_Star7 dark_angel141
Sep 09, 06 11:41pm
Hey whats up Dark_Angel. You know me I'm from the RP board. Just bored right now so I'm a sign your guestbook. Sign back soon! C ya!
kunaisheik dark_angel141
Sep 02, 06 2:17pm

Hi, I read your profile, and I'm glad that you like Kingdom Hearts. And I also noticed your post number, lol.
DragonfuryX dark_angel141
Aug 31, 06 12:14am
What can i say bout Jenn...She's the awesomest NeoFriend in the whole NeoWorld!! Omg thanks sooo much for being my friend Jenn =)!! You rule!
DragonfuryX dark_angel141
Aug 30, 06 9:14pm
Dark Angel is like da bestest Neo friend ever!!!! and my only one.lol....SO im signing this out of the courtesy of being her friend.

<3 Jenn =D
KingdomHearts0918 dark_angel141
Aug 29, 06 8:07pm
Just returning the favor...
Thanx for signing my guestbook! I never know what to say on these things so,
Hi! See you around!
MrRandomletters dark_angel141
Aug 20, 06 3:14am
as youve probably already figured out, im signing your guestbook, and im doing it for no reason , anyway Sign back sometime K :D:D oh yeah, and heres this super confusing comic:

[img] link=http://neoseeker.com/forums/index.php?fn=view_thread&t=739614]http://img.sheezyart.com/art/medium/75/758507.jpg[/img]

swordwielder dark_angel141
Aug 18, 06 5:43pm
so i see u added me to ur profile. but i have to clearify one thing. u got my name wrong. it is swordwielder not swordweilder.
anyway chage it when u have time.
AA TTrue GGamer dark_angel141
Aug 16, 06 2:32pm
It wouldn't be what it is without you, and that's why I'm signing. You always come up with inventive ideas, and I thank you for that, and, as if that wasn't enough, you always do it, even if you're tired and on at night (in America). Thanks for all you're help. Neofriends for life.
broken_dreams dark_angel141
Aug 10, 06 12:56am

hey ! yeah the rp is fun ! lol well your actually a girl ! everyone that i usually see is a guy ! lol well i'll add you to my friends please do the same for me bye =]
FFKH_MASTER dark_angel141
Aug 06, 06 4:42pm
hiya there!

hope you like!neofriends for life...hehe!
FFKH_MASTER dark_angel141
Aug 04, 06 6:38pm
hey i thank you for bein my friend and your preety cool ive seen you around the kh2 forums alot...we should talk sometime and I live in las vegas,nevada....its soooo cool.....and oh if i call you sweetie at anytime dont be freaked out just tell me if i have cuz its a habit i have....i call girls that alot...and oh yea im 16!