i been here for short time .but ready i made some good m8 like gary15 mr x30000000000 ryu320 paildramon 2 rpgmaster 44 and yuna
xmelodramaticx , martinwalker8, klbcooldude, darksephiroth, vas ,gotenks909,lupin3rd

well i love to skateboard ,am kinda good i do lot jackass stuff at school,just ask tidus2000 he goes my sch.

I belive am the demon child ,becuase am evil,i have werid demon voice and i can fly ( lol am kiding about the last part )


skateboarding ps2 all rpg game punk/rock muisc ect pennywise ,reel big fish, face to face bad ,relgion foo fighter ,sum41, millencolin, volient deglight ,queen of the stone age and girls who like ex sport ,punk/rock muisc ,rpg games
i also like anime flims like king of north fist ,akira,x,street fighter alpha.

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Review: Divine Divinity - it games is 50%50

Feb 2, 2003

i buy this games have evering all my mate go on saying it ace and bros.but when i did get it i was very upset with it the storyline is not very good and the fight are really boring the only good thing about this whole games is the freedom u

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