Hello, and welcome to my Neohome. I never thought I'd get round to making one of these, yet here it is. Here you will find information about my pets - not the most exciting topic in the world, but what else is there to say? I'm a bit of an animal freak if I'm honest. I love working with and handling animals of any sort (except cats maybe...). So it's only natural that I own several pets! Feel free to meet them:

Meet my Pets

Dandy is a Black and brown mixed dutch rabbit, and my oldest living pet. I have to say he's my favourite, and any kind of stereotype I've had towards rabbits and their intelligence has been swept away since his entrance into my life. He is truly a genius among rabbits! I know you're thinking I'm deluded, but if you'd lived around this animal for the four years I have, and seen what he can do, you'd say the same. Once, when he was young he was desperate to get inside the house, so he jumped onto his hutch, and leapt in through the open window!

Baby Two Shoes (Ben)

Ben is a brown dwarf rabbit, and is less than a year old. Be careful though, he may look all cute and cuddly, but he can be vicious. He's drawn blood from me only the once, it's my sister he hates most. Who knew I'd have something in common with a rabbit, eh? He got the name Ben from the horrid boy off of 'Eastenders', I think it was originally a certain member called Butterscotch who suggested the name... He molests Dandy, and fights him for dominance, but Dandy's so soppy he lets him get away with it!