Jul 29, 08 6:49am

The circle of 'hack and patch' continues...

And can you guys please change that picture... please... It's kinda old... read more

Jul 21, 08 1:23pm

Because ALL the studios are putting out HD-DVDs...

And these are bad because?

It came across as if it is a bad thing.... read more

Jul 16, 08 8:44am


Let's just hope they bring something new and awesome. I had Duke Nukem 64 and loved its... read more

Jul 2, 08 2:03am

And a price cut in actual games would be nice too. read more

Jun 26, 08 6:06am

yeah and my Sega Gamegear has better graphics than a DS and PSP combined. It also has internet access and transforms... read more

Jun 24, 08 9:07am

And this ladies and gentlemen is the Wii's appeal, "phwoar I move the remote and the Jedi swings his lightsaber.... read more

Jun 19, 08 8:27am

So many trolls these days...

So many... read more

Jun 19, 08 8:25am

Knowing EA, they'll try and reach as wide an audience as possible.

So it'll be released to everything possible.

Then... read more

Jun 10, 08 8:43am

So maximising the target audience is a bad things? For both PS3 and PS2?

Also did, "The combinations of weapons you... read more

Apr 26, 08 5:36am

I don't feel insulted and i'm part of the rest of the world >.>

I just hope the Wii just dies and dies soon. There... read more

Apr 26, 08 5:29am

I'd trust these guys more than some actual company paid to do it. Like EA getting a contract to make an educational... read more

Apr 22, 08 11:12am

Not to mention the whole porn filter thing (censorship) and a few movies have been banned (one about homosexuality,... read more

Apr 22, 08 11:09am

America in general is too touchy.

And i still can't belive people get so worked up over being 'liberal' or... read more

Apr 14, 08 5:04am

New form of sleep deprivation/torture will now be to play a really crappy game for 72 hours straight. That'll teach 'em read more

Apr 14, 08 4:50am

I see so many white people live off welfare. I see so many young women who have kids for no reason live off welfare.... read more

Mar 25, 08 11:18am


As for awesome men look no further than Solid Snake. Seriously if i was a woman, i'd like to have a man like Snake. read more

Mar 20, 08 10:44am

A few thoughts of mine:

Point first) Not sure about recent releases from Rockstar games (last one i got was GTA:SA),... read more

Mar 19, 08 6:59am

I've seen triples from you joe... Can't remember where but yes it has been done. So its shanking time!

So does this... read more

Mar 19, 08 6:57am

PAL territories get the stiff end of the stick when it comes to getting games. A perfect example is MGS3:... read more

Mar 7, 08 8:46am

Because other bastards agree with his basterdised views. Damn bastards... read more

Feb 29, 08 5:52am

I can see this being a free accessory to an arm's dealer deal.

While your at it, getting yourself rocket launchers,... read more

Feb 22, 08 12:54am

So does this mean summer games shaking the crap out of the wiimote(or whatever) for the 100m sprint. Or how about... read more

Feb 21, 08 10:04am

Uninstall, crack, break and throw the discs away, throw brick through monitor. Problem solved for that addiction buddy-o read more