The circle of 'hack and patch' continues...

And can you guys please change that picture... please... It's kinda old... read more

Because ALL the studios are putting out HD-DVDs...

And these are bad because?

It came across as if it is a bad thing.... read more


Let's just hope they bring something new and awesome. I had Duke Nukem 64 and loved its... read more

And a price cut in actual games would be nice too. read more

yeah and my Sega Gamegear has better graphics than a DS and PSP combined. It also has internet access and transforms... read more

And this ladies and gentlemen is the Wii's appeal, "phwoar I move the remote and the Jedi swings his lightsaber.... read more

Knowing EA, they'll try and reach as wide an audience as possible.

So it'll be released to everything possible.

Then... read more

So maximising the target audience is a bad things? For both PS3 and PS2?

Also did, "The combinations of weapons you... read more

I don't feel insulted and i'm part of the rest of the world >.>

I just hope the Wii just dies and dies soon. There... read more

I'd trust these guys more than some actual company paid to do it. Like EA getting a contract to make an educational... read more

Not to mention the whole porn filter thing (censorship) and a few movies have been banned (one about homosexuality,... read more

America in general is too touchy.

And i still can't belive people get so worked up over being 'liberal' or... read more

New form of sleep deprivation/torture will now be to play a really crappy game for 72 hours straight. That'll teach 'em read more

I see so many white people live off welfare. I see so many young women who have kids for no reason live off welfare.... read more


As for awesome men look no further than Solid Snake. Seriously if i was a woman, i'd like to have a man like Snake. read more

A few thoughts of mine:

Point first) Not sure about recent releases from Rockstar games (last one i got was GTA:SA),... read more

I've seen triples from you joe... Can't remember where but yes it has been done. So its shanking time!

So does this... read more

PAL territories get the stiff end of the stick when it comes to getting games. A perfect example is MGS3:... read more

Because other bastards agree with his basterdised views. Damn bastards... read more

I can see this being a free accessory to an arm's dealer deal.

While your at it, getting yourself rocket launchers,... read more

So does this mean summer games shaking the crap out of the wiimote(or whatever) for the 100m sprint. Or how about... read more

Uninstall, crack, break and throw the discs away, throw brick through monitor. Problem solved for that addiction buddy-o read more