I have 1 older brother and my twin sister. My sis has a pet rabbit which she has had for a couple of years. I was born 10minutes before my sister so i think thats y i'm smater than her. I live with my mum,dad,brother and sister and cant forget the rabbit:D I have a best friend that i've known for about 10 years. He's name is Josh and i hope we stay friends until the end of time. I love sports and when i'm older i want to be sumthing in the area of an accountant


Neo-Brother: Klaye
Neo-Sister: Felicia


i like basketball,afl(Australian Football Leuage) and i also like soccer.


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Dec 24, 2003

Graphics-4: Great graphics for a psx game. The 3-D look and camera changes and angle changes gives you the feel that your a person cheering on a monster from the crowd. Also when your at the ranch you can see your monster do some unique moves like...

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