Hey,I'm pikman.I just thought I'd sign your guestbook because I LOVE CANDY CORN TOO!!!!!It's awesome!Well,happy Neoseeking and candy corn eating!
Hey cy. I was just wondering about what yu said back then and I'm fine now.

thanks for encureigement,
Pikmin geek....rules!
im new here and need some frends.can you tell me how to make my on form.it would be nice if you would.so can you help me out.

Hey, thanks for the signin. Enclosed is one of those stick man ownage pics.

See ya around Neo! ;D


you know i don't really make banners i make ass banners.......check my banner....and i guess you have a stamp without using photobucket....and just find a pic on the internet.....
See title(lol).Anyways Just payin a visit,ya know-signing your guestbook and all.Seeing how many(few)friends I have right now I was wondering if we could become friends?
Keep it cool^-^
Just thought I'd say hi....Oh, and I believe you've just been STAMPED!
hello, ur sig told me to sign this. MUST FOLLOW THE SIGNATURES! to im here to sign this here dandy pixle bellowed warthog of a pigskined computer screen right here now! god i hate that red neck talk
I'm very happy you'll be my friend.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I hope I can be as nice as I can to you.
I'm open for hints and cheats on zelda.
I are on a signing guestbook frenzy! Woot you are my first! You should be grateful. Happy neoseeking!

This sucks... it has to have 125 characters.. come on...


blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah..

There, that should be enough.^^
Hey! I seem to be the first person to sign you guestbook. I'm just welcomeing you to the world of neoseeker. Hope to see you around the forum. Enjoy!