Breeze curly fries dude
Dec 24, 07 10:44pm

Smudger14 curly fries dude
Jan 17, 07 2:58am
Well I *bleep*ed up in my last guestbook signing, just delete that one lol.

Smudger14 curly fries dude
Jan 17, 07 2:57am
Hi, I'm signing your guestbook out of pure boredom... And of course because I love you... kind of. Now you must stamp me.

brocklebank curly fries dude
Dec 21, 06 5:03pm
i don't have one of them stamps and ye cor si like your stamp it is brilliant . I wil get you one when i can b bothered. Merry crimbo btw. wtf am i doing this were talking on msn.
gers_fan_no1 curly fries dude
Dec 21, 06 6:04am
Cheers for the signing Curly Chips:)

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, hope its a good one
ilovefootball curly fries dude
Dec 18, 06 6:10am

Merry Crimbo And A Happy New Year

Deemo curly fries dude
Dec 5, 06 3:46am
Thank you for contributing to the mankind. It really appreciates your gesture. Live long and prosper!

See you around the forums
mutd boy curly fries dude
Dec 3, 06 9:33pm
Thoguht I'd drop by and sign. Care for a stamp, Curlius Maximus - The Trojan Warrior

EricF curly fries dude
Dec 2, 06 7:51pm
Alright mate, thanks a bunch for signing mine and I'm signing back in return:)

Best of luck today too

I have 5 stamps but I'll only use one of them

Oh and get back to me as soon as you can bud;)
o_snuffles_o curly fries dude
Oct 31, 06 8:11pm
Hey, Sorry I coild've sworn I signed you back when you signed me!

Anyways heres my stamp!

levrev2 curly fries dude
Oct 27, 06 9:38pm
thought i would sign your GB as you have signed mine and we totally get on with each other

sorry bout the stamp dont think you like it but everybody loves man u really
Smudger14 curly fries dude
Oct 18, 06 12:41am
You signed my guestbook, so I'll sign yours.
I've never done this before, so you're the first person I'm gonna stamp!
I don't have a stamp so I'll just type stamp in capital letters.

toon_lad1990 curly fries dude
Oct 11, 06 10:15pm
hey jus returning the favour,
i'll judge martins when/if he scores 20 league goals for the next 3/4 season,
thanks 4 the signin btw,
peace out
PS dont have a stamp either!
heyo just returning the kind gesture. Chelsea fan = nice guy and a winner i have no stamp also :sad: but ahwell doesnt matter like you said
mattneiland curly fries dude
Oct 7, 06 9:25pm
You signed mine, so i sign yours, that's how i work

Anyway, you seem a nice guy and you are a good member of the neo

Stick around


Goodbye, MaTt NeIlAnD
dathboy curly fries dude
Oct 5, 06 11:35pm
thanks for the sgining:)
havent goit a stamp but oh well

p.s curly fries allways where better than normal fries:D
Cd_ROm curly fries dude
Sep 29, 06 2:08am
Hey cheers for signing mine and as promised here you go lol, btw chellsea rule the planet! I reckon We should go for the champos league and prem this year!!