Hey, I hope you like this stamp, buddy!

Feel free to sign back!

hi can u stamp me back

Just here to sign your GB.

Please sign my guest book in return. thx.

PS. cud u hook me up wid a stamp like th eone u did here?



this stamp is filled with stampy good ness and stuff ok well bye
ps sign my guestbook thanks :)
OMG, it workwed. I have a sig! THX! THX! All right! Phan10, your good friend.

for signing my guestbook curious Gourge!
Hope you enjoyed those lovely prizes! And this g'book sign of course.

Thanks for pm'ing me..You've been stamped by Final Fantasy Angel!!
Just BreeziN' and StampiN'.

Like em sexy stamps, put em in my GB please...

Remain curious george but remember that curiosity killed the cat. Be sure to stamp back.
hey thanks for the sighning and the stamps, so i'm here to repay you with 3 stamps myself

1st stamp

2nd stamp

and last but not least

See ya around, budday

Thanks for signing mine, but unfortunately I don't have a stamp so I'll just try to fill the 125 chars needed to sign a guestbook and I think I've used them all now so see you around!
Thanks for signing. I shall return the favour.

You told me to sign back right? So Iam signing back. Here ya go friend, a nice stamp.

Her name is Faye, cute aint she? later.
Thanks for signing my guestbook and sorry i don't have any stamps:(

Have a nice day:)

You alomost got me in trouble wiht your stamp. Your lucky I didnt.

There I finally signed back, feel proud.
That was the best stamp in the history of stamping in the history of guestbook signatures.

Not as great, but what the fuck. I'll see you in the forums.

Those are all my stamps,
Aranged from newest to oldest. w00t!
Hey, thanks for signing my geust book^_^! No satmp, my computer's being a bitch. I'll sign your other account's guestbook with a stamp later.
you gave me that awseom pic so heres some PAYBACK

Sign back, or Franken Bush we be elected next year. We don't want that now do we?

Hi,I was interested on signing your guestbook with my bart simpson stamp.[URL=http://imageshack.us][/URL]

Bart rules
Congrats on getting the riddle correct!
My new stamp.(cred:efc fan)