i was born in germany and lived there for about 1 year and then i moved here.

teen titan lover-a great friend and my first neofriend And one of my best friend in real life

teen titan freak-a fun person to talk to and can add 2+2.

60 cent-a really cool neofriend.

prime hunter-a really nice guy get to know him if u don't.

mnkylvr-iF U LIKED BEING BLOCKED SHES YOUR FRIEND.[hate her in neo and real life]

phan10-get to know him he is a really nice person.He's also someone thats alot of fun to talk to.

SS9 gogeta-gave me my first banner.Thanks alot man.8-)

The Intesity-If u don't know him you got to and he gave me a banner awhile back,avatar that i don't know how to put on,and a stamp.thnx

Zero and X-very nice person to talk to.He's fun and one of those people who gave me a chance to be their neofriend.

Fecal Monster-i can't stand him

Hieisan3-we don't talk that much but when we do he's a nice guy

Jaw Knee-one of my newest neofriends and a really nice guy

luigi jean-talked to him a lot and forgot to put him here so now i did. Also get to know him very nice.

Chokeslam-don't talk all that much but when we do hes cool

ps3_man- cool and lots of fun to talk to.

rinkydink123-One of my Newest neofriends and hes cool. Get to know him.

Bluephionix-Don't talk all that much but hes ok

Catfire-he's cool and nice

Chelsa_2012- A very nice girl and fun to talk too

Comic man-Said no at first now we talk a bit more

Cute Chao-shes a kind neofriend and lots of fun

Doofus_Boosh-He's cool and nice to to talk

FARTzilla-We talked a lot back then but now we don't really

Ironraven-He's a nice person and cool. But we don't talk all that much

Jim_Vengence-He's nice and likes the blue jackets like me. Lets go Jackets

Jon24hours-He's cool we talk every now and then.

j_fire11-we share some of the same interests

linkin park fan-He's a lot of fun and we talk a lot and get to know him if u don't

mosenmori-He's someone i talked to a lot but now not as much

Omceer 1701-He's cool. Get to know him

ps3_man-He's ok im not sure if he hates me or not.

Spyro_rocks-Me and him both like the Harry Potter series, so we talk about that a lot. Also he's a really nice person.

Takgirl2-She's HYPER HYPER

the person-We talk, he's cool

yugioh girl-She blocked me for asking her if she was a whore:)

xbox_guru-funny guy likes causing trouble like me and one of my newist friends

Dead Ed-He's nice and we have a lot in commen

And more


I like girls and i like to hang out with friends and play baseball,xbox,also did i say i love girls and play b-ball,and I like to be outside,my favorite game is call of duty 2.I also like harry potter movies. Monning people is also fun. Oh yea did i say girls?

south park is 1 of my favorite tv shows

favorite sport teams
nfl=minnesota vikings
mlb=chicago cubs
nhl=columbus blue jackets
ncaa football=michigan wolverines
afl=columbus destroyers
nba=Detroit pistons

Favorite Band= Hawthorne Heights

2 Favorite Band= Q And Not U


Torrie Wilson

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