MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you have witnessed the return of Shadow net583x s(if you still remember me. Yeah, i thought i sould tell all my friends, whitch is like 5 people im back so if you are still on neoseeker pm me sometime k.
Hey whats to the up. Im back on neoseeker. So i decided to give you a present!!!

No silly! Trees arent made out of corn!
Good to see another person out there with relistic veiws on the darkest little mammal! You have the coolest Shadow banner ever! And ive seen a LOTTT! GJ! I *sniff* dont have a fancy pancy stamp... *tear* but you asked peeps to sign, correct? So i guess I shall sign, not stamp, he he! *In really fancy unreadable calligraphy cursive* -Rune Zafara
Hi! You signed my guestbook quite a while ago, (I was Child of Death and D), and yes, I would like to be neofriends! Send me a PM...I may not find the time...>_>

So, it's been about three weeks since you asked me to sign the guestbook belonging to you. Well, here I be. Sorry, but the drugs stopped me from doing it earlier.

i like stickmans do you?
sign back!now have a great signing your book at 10:12 pm
hey, cruxis! i have seen you in the sth forum! well, i see ya there! hopefully they won't do a crappy job an the game. it had better be good.
Here is my awwsomefull stamp

Stamp credit to supersora
Now say brandoni16 is awsome 50 times
here's the official sig of your guestbook!

combination of my pics. Enjoy!
[b]here comes the sage who is the expert at TOS, sagemaster!!!!
(I'll sign it with a stamp later^_^)

Now give me a dollar.
Heres a stamp homie for signing my Guestbook

Yeah sure I'll be your neobud.
Gueswhat dude!!! I gotta stamp!!! It's a little plain and all, but hey. AT LEAST I HAVE ONE!!!
This is... NOT Brandon... saying how the *inset swear word here* are you, you stupid

The rest of this message has been deleted due to strong language, *bleep* (thats you), and parcial nudity...well kinda...okay not really.
Greetings to Cruxis, Earth welcomes you.
Just fill out these forms and you'll be on your way... WHAT, your already a member.(I'm fired for sure) Anyway, hi.
Hey Cruxis, I wanted to wish you holiday cheer for the holidays(duh). HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!Fa la lala la la la la la.
Hey what's up? It's been nice talking to you on neoseeker. For some reason I thought I signed your guestbook before, but I looked again and to my surprise I hadn't! Well anyways, see ya around the forums and enjoy the holidays.
Hello. I've noticed you've signed quite a few of people's guestbooks in the TOS section...WHY HAVEN'T YOU SIGNED MINE?! But anyway, I want to thank you for signing my friends guestbook's. May your flesh not be eaten by cannibals.
Hey man, felt like signin' your book again. Goin around and signin' my friends notebooks, so this is my first stop. Later man.
Hay well yuo asked me so im signing yuor gusetbook. I live to help. so if ya ever got a problem ask me and i'll try to help ya. oh but im mostly on only wednesday, friday, saturday and sunday, WORK SUCKS.
Hey, saw you in the Tales forum and decided to sign. You just started neoseeker so I tought I would be kind and sign your guestbook. I would be happy if you signed mine. Later.