I'm first gonna see if I can even find someone before I give specifics, will PM anyone who is willing to help :)

If anyone has an Eglish victini right now in X and Y please PM me, preferably level 15.

4210-4020-9709 Ground Safari

I have been getting a lot of PMs recently about how I had so many English Legendaries, and I decided that it would probably b

I can't offer anything in return but I'm looking for someone to breed me one for my new playthrough. Anyone wanna hel

First come first server. Can claim up to 5. Include your FC and IGN in your post. Take care of them! I put over 600 hours of

Come on Bank how will we wait? No seriously I am so freaking bored with X and Y right now. What can I do? I've got 514 pokemon 54 are 100.
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