crimson ace
Mar 2, 15 1:13pm
wow this site has become like facebook haha.
crimson ace
Dec 2, 12 8:32pm
College= :/ boring
crimson ace
Jun 6, 12 12:28am
Class of 2012!!!
crimson ace
May 1, 11 1:30pm
) :( :P :D XD LOL LMAO LMFAO :3 :/
crimson ace
Apr 15, 11 12:51pm
(sigh) one thing after another...
crimson ace
Apr 2, 11 5:53pm
Is actually On neo rite now! Omg!
crimson ace
Mar 25, 11 8:52pm
crimson ace
Feb 15, 11 2:40am
Wants iphone 5 for verizon so bad!!!...
crimson ace
Sep 9, 10 3:42am
i have a new phone called lg ally and its an android
crimson ace
Sep 2, 10 4:01pm
I have facebook
crimson ace
Jul 16, 10 7:02am
I am awesome their is nothing else to say here
crimson ace
Jul 7, 10 6:56am
Hi what's up
crimson ace blogged
Mar 13, 10 11:30pm

What is up youtubers and other people here are my vids from my account enjoy but they will be on youtube for several days before i put them here. So keep an eye on my channel or here my channels location/url is in my status on my account u know the shout out thing.

beta not full version yet. if u dont understand get a life.

zoids click click boom.


this one was done with camera sorry for the bad quality.

My poke shop is here comment on my blog or on youtube to get a pokemon feel free to ask questions as well.

crimson ace
Feb 15, 10 9:16pm
i have a youtube account now yay!!!
crimson ace
Jan 30, 10 9:56pm
Im getting addicted to Zoids again its awesome!
crimson ace
Jan 3, 10 3:49am
I now have a pokemon shop in Pokemon Platinum Trading forums
crimson ace
Jan 3, 10 3:38am
I know have a Pokemon shop in platinum forum
crimson ace
Dec 31, 09 11:19pm
says: "Does anyone think i should run a pokemon shop"
crimson ace
Dec 31, 09 11:19pm
says: "Does anyone think i should run a pokemon shop"

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