wow this site has become like facebook haha.
College= :/ boring
Class of 2012!!!
) :( :P :D XD LOL LMAO LMFAO :3 :/
(sigh) one thing after another...
Is actually On neo rite now! Omg!
Wants iphone 5 for verizon so bad!!!...
i have a new phone called lg ally and its an android
I have facebook
I am awesome their is nothing else to say here

What is up youtubers and other people here are my vids from my account enjoy but they will be on youtube for several days before i put them here. So keep an eye on my channel or here my channels location/url is in my status on my account u know the shout out thing.

beta not full version yet. if u dont understand get a life.

zoids click click boom.


this one was done with camera sorry for the bad quality.

My poke shop is here comment on my blog or on youtube to get a pokemon feel free to ask questions as well.


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i have a youtube account now yay!!!
Im getting addicted to Zoids again its awesome!
I now have a pokemon shop in Pokemon Platinum Trading forums
I know have a Pokemon shop in platinum forum
says: "Does anyone think i should run a pokemon shop"
says: "Does anyone think i should run a pokemon shop"

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