Okay.... BrattyAndProud is my best friend in the non-cyber world and...that's all i really have to say until i think of something intresting to put in here. ^_^

My number is 333...I'm only 1/2 evil! lol. =D


Um, reading playing game cube, watching TV drawing readin manga and watching anime on Youtube, i like a lot of animes but my intrests span and i'll try anything. I'm a bit of a daredevil, and i love excitement, lol lol lol. Also i love my music i could definetly not live without it and my iPod is probably one of the things i'd name for the things i'd bring if i was to be stranded on an island for a really long time. ^.^


<3 BaP&CaP XD

Banner by Animalover <3 ^^
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