A guestbook so nice I stamped it twice. This time I brought my ugly stamp just to bring down the value even more.
Yeah I know your birthday was yesterday but I got to be me, got to be original. So Happy Birthday Craigus McFergurson heres a stamp:

Having the privilege of me signing your guestbook is magnificent, you're so lucky. I don't do this often but considering it's your birthday I'm willing to make an exception.

So Happy Birthday!

Now that I've done wishing you happy birthday, I might as well sign your guestbook as normal:

You know, you're a cool guy (for someone who lives in Bristol that is) and you understand me most of the time which is good as some people don't understand the intelligent dialect I sometimes use. Also, you're usually willing to help in any way possible with whatever problem I have, making you a nice and cool guy, keep that up and show it to others too. The only flaw I see in you is your intelligence compared to mine but that relates to everyone so don't worry.

Anyway yeah, your birthday present from me is this signing which could be worth a fortune in the future so keep that in mind and when I become famous, go back to this guestbook signing and be proud of the fact that you got signed by me. I'm sure you could make some sort of money out of this so good luck.

I better be off now, beware of humour in the above text.

Happy Birthday.

Stopping by and wishing you a Happy Birthday! I would leave a stamp, but I don't have one:(, perhaps you can help me sometime. Enjoy your day and keep up the incredible work in TNW.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Craigy is 15
And that's something new!

Oh snaps that rhymed. Hey Craigy; hate me or not I got my respect for you and just wanted to sign your guestbook because it's your big day. I hope you go and do some crazy stuff and have fun. Or do whatever 15 year olds do. But keep i t real. Later.

Tha Infinite.

No problem, mate, just PM me if you need any more info, see ya 'round Neo. Take care.

Dear Madam Craigy
I have a confession. I am no good at SvR 2006. I just pay HBK to play along with my stories so you all think I'm cool. Please forgive me and my uber suckness at all things wrestling related.

This was in no way a forced and fake confession as a result of the slave auctions.

Again Madam, Thank You
Well we are best mates now.

Started speaking to each other every day, for ages now, and your a very cool guy.

I don't have a stamp, so I'll just give you a picture of the Rovers stadium.

And I wish Rovers all the best of luck for the remainder of the season, as you now have me looking for you results after every game. ¬¬

Maybe Rovers will have something like this in the near future.

Hey man. I'm going around on a signing spree signing people from TNW. I saw your record as Rey Mysterio dude, and all I could say was DAMN. I mean, I was proud of going 4 matches undefeated in WWE Game, your record wiped the floor with mine. Haha. Sign back sometime. Later.
signed as promised mi9ght link 2 profile ur choice

p.s how do i add my pic 2 sig

just typingjust typingjust typingjust typingjust typing
Thanks, great graphics you made! ^^ Umm... Every guestbook entry has to have a lenght of 125 characters so I'm going to write something that just crosses my mind to do that. Actually, I think this is already 125 characters long
What can I say, Craigy, you're a very talented GFX Maker. Thank you very much for the Avatar and Signature. I look forward to submitting another request in the near future.

- W Y F
Congratulations on winning the Intercontinental Title in WWE as Rey Mysterio. You probably don't know who I am but I am The Effekt and also RP in WWE. I am Kid Kash. Well anyway if you get bored or anything PM me or something if you want. Laters!

Don't forget to sign back!

thanks for this kool stamp man. i love it! I love candice michelle and her little magic wand, i hope u like looking at the stamp u made lol thanks again

Wishing you all the best for 2006,
Just here to say thank you for the signing, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thanks for being my friend over this year, and congrats on being the new IC champion.

Later man,

Signed by Charismatic J,
just wanted to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Damn I wish I was that Santa!

Merry Christmas. Hope you and your family have a great holiday. Be safe. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Sign back whenever you can please.

I'm signing because you bothered to consider making me a complicated banner and so i can wish you a Merry Xmas and a Drunken new year....
I hope you can make me that banner and i hope to see more of you around the Football Manager 2006 Forum..

Guaranteed 100% Stratusfaction: - The Ultimate Christmas Present.

Personal Comment: Hello craigy, I can't believe after so long I haven't stamped you even once. I'm so ashamed:ashamed: But not to worry, it's never too late! I've seen your work around the RP's over the months you've been getting better, gaining momentum, then you left...well, you came back, and what a fabulous comeback to win the IC title. Congrats dude, you deserve it. Keep up the good work, in RP and graphics, they're cool too. Take care, and have a Happy New Year.

bri - ©BriGFX

¡Feliz Pascuas!
Thanks for creating that fantastic banner for me, it is just what i was looking for!
I will make sure to ask you again if i need another,Thanks again!
OMFG! 2 years 2day! XD ¬¬ =P


Merry Christmas and a happy new year mate.