Wow, I never knew Neoseeker had blogs! Well, now I do.

Um, well I've recently picked up Borderlands. It *bleep*ing hard but very, very good. Did I mention it was hard?

Just finished shooting the latest video for the website I work for, This Is My Joystick! and it's looking pretty snazzy. Well, in a slap-dash, DIY sort of way. Me and a friend do something pretty cool at the end... but I won't tell you because I want you to watch it! Check out the site (just google us) if you get the time, you never know you might like it.

Well, I'm not very good at blogs. My lecturer at college says I have to keep one up if I ever want to get noticed as a video editor, but I hate telling people about my life. As far as I'm concerned, almost nothing *bleep*ing interesting happens anymore, so why bored everyone with my semi-functioning existence? Oh, wait, too late. Ah well...

If anyone reads this, great, I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more incredibly intersting shit, and check out the site.

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Very good fun and not too hard. LegoStarWars PC
Great 2nd game in the series. Has a few game-stoppers though. PrinceOfPersiaWarriorWithin Xbox
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Takes work to make it load up on a PS2. No problems on the PSX though. Wild9 PSX


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