Want to know something funny, you randomly signed my guestbook on April 15th, and then signed it for real on Dec. 8th ^^, that's pretty cool huh? Well I'm signing back, feel special I rarely sign guestbooks ^^. You're probably the 3rd or 4th ^^.

Thanks for signing my 'book, I'm still new to all this forum stuff. I've seen you about a lot too (with your little dancing sumo thing). Hope to see you through Wi-Fi.

Hey, you asked me to sign.....so here I am. I hope to see you around the Animal Crossing: Wild World Forum! For now....bye!Dang, I hate the 125 character thing. abcdefghijklmnopqrstvwyxz.

That should do it.

See ya!
Hey ya. ^^ I've seen you around on the nintendogs forum. Not much longer intill the game comes out! Keep up the good work, and haev fun.

Have you ever seen a darigan or christmas zafara? Well you have now!