thecandyman328 copkilla
Sep 17, 06 9:42pm
I was just passing by and decided to sign some guestbooks and you were on my list so here I am...

You have been stamped

By thecandyman328
Braden copkilla
Aug 12, 06 8:03pm

for signing my guestbook copkilla!
Hope you enjoyed those lovely prizes! And this g'book sign of course.

speedfreek copkilla
Jul 16, 06 7:13am


DO YOU?!?!?!

*sigh* this is what I get for clicking a link that says free pron now I get my soul eaten and I have no porn

now i'll eat YOUR soul

Antaikronik copkilla
Jul 12, 06 4:26am
Signing your GB, foo! LOL, you're cool in the Oblivion thread, so propz to u.

Stamp I made:

Photoshop FTW!
Donnelly copkilla
Jun 30, 06 10:46pm
*runs in maniacally*
*slaps paste about*
Here are some darn funny pics for you, you lucky guy/gal, you...

*runs out cackling*

Go on, stamp back, you know you want to...

Shuyu copkilla
Jan 6, 06 7:25am
Whatever, the Chocobo was cute. I thought "Stuff the pecking, it's too cute to resist!" So, uh, yeah... It could peck me until i died, I would still sign the guestbook!
sabby92 copkilla
Dec 21, 05 2:09am
hey wuts up i noticed that cool chocobo thing, should make 'im a different colour though ,in my opinion.i'll see ya later
Soiled_Angel copkilla
Nov 25, 05 5:23am
wtvr... random signing, sign back

PsychoPyro copkilla
Nov 2, 05 10:12pm
Emerald choco? feh. thats BS

u been stamped.
squee_moon copkilla
Sep 14, 05 1:00pm
hey were did you get your emerald chocobo from its really cute and can you get other colours.And could you send me back a pm please.thanks
Whitetrash2800 copkilla
Aug 8, 05 12:28am
Dont really know you but...heres my stamp...

SunnyDelight copkilla
May 26, 05 10:46pm
Welcome to neoseeker, here`s a stamp! I hope you enjoy this stamp and neoseeker!