Of course, I will take the free lifetime subscription to Playboy Magazine. My shipping information will be sent shortly via e-mail.

This is a very generous offer, I am very thankful for it! ^^;

Btw, c3D is still the coolest and among the oldest people I know. I don't know what this place would do without his good sense of humor and his wild graphics.
There will be a free gift or will there be free gifts, I want to know. I'm really intersted in receiving more than one gift, it would be ok with me. I just need to give you my shipping address, so I can receive the gifts in a short period of time after sending this message.
What can I say I'm GAY XD LOL !!!!!

To a very old friend ...

Had one of the best times during way back when neoseeker wasn't run over by morons/noobs.
Thanks for signing my guestbook
And for the praise
I guess that makes Turmoil the evilest member?

Hehe, sorry for breaking your "no stamp" rule. xD.
Cyu around.
thanks for the praise man.. i am unworthy!!

anywayz thank you for the cool guestbook signing, i could'nt keep quiet and not sign back now can i.. just joking.. hope we can be friends, just pm me anytime you like and we can chat aight!!! whats more i stay in singapore..

[Size=1][Color=teal] Hi. I'm signing your guest-book because I saw you in the ' Asia ' forum. Well, I'll try to speak to you sometime, but you dont seem to be on. [/Size][/color]
hey soz i havent signed ur guestbook before but im soo lazy. your a good friend on neoseeker as you can tell from our pm count and ill see you on msn if ur ever on when im on oh p.s.
plz sign my guestbook i feel allsad no-one wants to sign it *sniff**sniff*
Feuwwww.....what a day! i've got my computer damaged...my homework is still not done yet! what more can i take! oh....forgot! hi...just wanna drop by and say hi. thanks for signing my website guestbook(although there are only 3 people sign it). wow...cool website u got here. i've displayed your website's URL in my website.. just for fun..so if u have time, visit it oftenly. ok..gtg..c u later!!!!
hey......probably if your reading this,i just want to tell you thanqz a lot for inviting me to this homepage.......ohh,probably rite now ur asking urself who the heck am i??....its me lah,ur basket-o friend.....so,now u gotta tell me how to make my own homepage and other special stuff.....please care to guide me,ok???......
Hey. oO I'm a little suprised that I've never signed your guestbook after all this time.

Let's see... I think this is the part where I say nice things about you. ^.^

You're a great guy. I miss ya' lots. You've been there for me whenever I needed help. That means a lot to me. Thank you.

I hope we don't fall out of touch again. ^^ Nice talking to you again.

. Nats
what do ya mean not many girls like me? is that bad? anway what avatar did ya mean if it's my new anime one yeah it is cute
hi thought i would sign your guestbook since
i have seen you some where?
anway see ya around some time maybe around RE anways cool avatar *thumbs up*
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook, I'm here to return the favor. Maybe more will sign if I go to other forums... I'll try that. See ya around, man. Take it easy!
Hey cool3Dman, your name does suit you, your cool. I'm only really seeing your posts in the Asia Forum but your one of the few who regularly post there now day's. Plus you've got your trio thing going on, I agree with that, at least try and ebat the game properly first then it's fun to cheat.

Well I hope you sticka round, your a good old member, stay cool.

Thank you for signing my guest book and wishing me a happy bornday

And may you to live a great life and and have no regrets

Sin Wraith
Hey. I dont know you but im just saying hey!

Cya. sign my guest book too
hehehe ...

I can not believe that I have not gotten 'round to this yet but now I have. You are undoubtedly cool as your username clearly say's, not to mention your Asian and frequently visit the Asia Forum.

As well as that i liek your diea abotut eh chateing thing and that weird group you have ... anyhow for anybody reading this ... cool3Dman is a cool guy and friendly and fun to talk too.
So 3D, a fellow Malay eh, I presume eh. Cool. Thou seem like a nice chap, I see you around the Asia Forums.

Meh, *bleep* that 125 characters thang.

Hey, I used to go to the THPS3 boards as a guest and you were pretty witty and cool there, I've moved up to the THPS4 boards but I just wanted to sign your guestbook now that I'm a memeber. It'd be cool if you could sign my guestbook too. Thanx, C'yas.
Hey there. Just read my GB (that's guestbook) and saw yours. Thanx. My GB get's lonely. So I came here to make sure that yours doesn't get lonely. From DD.
Hey pal....juz tought i'd sign here cuz ur Singaporean...

K Gutta go...

Sign mine back willya

im just going around signing every1's guestbook

and u know what could be good? if u sign mine too

love lisa XOXO

Sign my guestbook if you havent already, please(see, I'm Polite).

Or you will face my wrath.(just kidding)
and such. ah character limit, i despise it. lets see will this do it?
Hi, I thought I'd sign your guestbook and here's what I'm gonna say:
This is a nice guy! Be friends with him! Okay. Thank you for being my friend and beinging nice to me. I'll see you later. =)
Hey, cool3Dman why don't you come and join Driver2 and Gran Turismo2 thread if you got those two games ok!

Your Regard
Black Jones:)