Hi! This is CookieCream, real name Miaria! You've probably realized this already but I'm an extremely bubbly person, and I crave Fire Emblem. Yeah, yeah, what's a bubbly girl doing playing a tactical game like FE? Well, for your information, I adore playing RPG games. It's my drug--I shrivel without it. And you don't wanna see that...

Warning: My sense of humour and yacka can be perceived by others as "somewhat odd". Oh but I can act normal, if this ticks you off. It's just, er, harder for me...>_<;;

Here, I'll answer basic questions about myself in short format:

Name: CookieCream (or CC)

Age: Ha. You wish.

Gender: 100% female (since last inspection)

Where do I live: I wanna live in Tellius! But sadly, I live in Canada. Which isn't bad. I mean, we get snow. I like snow...

Favourite Games: Fire Emblem! Obviously! I have the PoR and RD ones only. 'Course, I do like playing other stuff, like SSBM and SSBB (yes, I know, no diff). And I like Wii Sports! Shut up, it's awesome!

Currently waiting for Arc Rise Fantasia to come out in North America because you all know it's gonna be an awesome game!! ^^

Favourite Characters in PoR and RD: Huh, well there's Ike (he PWNS), Soren (although a little feminine for my taste buds), Tibarn (he's a hottie!), Naesala, Ranulf, Shinon, Rolf, Zelgius, Nephenee--you know what? I won't bore you. Let's just move on.

Most hated character in PoR and RD: Micaiah. I dunno why, something about her just pisses me off.

Do I have a life? No I'm afraid I don't.

Least favourite book: TWILIGHT! Holy BSing cheerios! I HATE that book! No plot whatsoever! And Edward Cullen! Don't get me started on him!

...Am I going to get flamed now? o.o

Watch anime? Yeeeeuuuuup!

Favourite anime: Ooo geeses, there's a lot. Death Note, FMA, Yakitate!! Japan, Prince of Tennis, Code Geass--yacka, yacka, yacka!

What pisses me off: Hypocrites, egoists (oooh god!!) and suck-ups! Beware if you are this...

Write for fanfiction? Occasionally, under different usernames 'cause I keep on forgetting which email I've used. It's a habit of mine!

Fangirl? O yeah! Hands down!

Like yaoi? Hehheh...>________>

Woooow, if you guys are still reading this...I am surprised! Not many people can stand my blabbing. You are gooooood!

^^But hey! I'm so happy you've actually taken forty seconds of your life to struggle through my profile! >w< Thank yooooouuu! See you on the FE forums, I guess!



...Aaawwhh hell no! I don't wanna type in here! After all my work on the biography...>^< Nonono! Too lazy!


=^w^= Yo! If you have the time to be reading this, why aren't you doing something else more useful, such as playing Wii?? =^w^=

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