One loyal subject trapped in a sea of Yanks with too much time on his hands.


Oh, so you want to talk to old CP, eh? Well do you like football? -- No, eh? Silly Yanks.

How about statistics? -- Still no?

Top Gear? Fuller's? Pies? -- No, no and no?

So I'm guessing that cricket...? -- Yeah, didn't think so.

Well RPGs it is then, let me tell you about how wonderful Ogre Battle is...

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Review: Football Manager 2010 - Football Manager moves forward with the biggest step in years

May 5, 2010

Football Manager 2010 is the best installment in the series in more than a few years. The new graphical layout for the menus and general navigation is absolutely superb and intuitive. Plus, most of the extra managerial options, tactical controls...

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