I'm looking for a legendary Fearless Leader Cyclops of any skill. My line is condo124. I have blue pp so pm me and we can

I need someone to help me evolve a Haunter. Thank you. Here is my FC and name. FC: 1891-1501-4357 3DS: Jay

I was hunting for shiny pokes through means of chaining. I kept restarting at 20ish because I would mess up and push A too la

I'm looking to find an auction room over Line. Pm me line id:condo124

My gamertag is condo124 I'm looking for 3 people to help me complete the Easter eggs in zombies. I have all of the DLC a

As I have (sadly) yet to purchase Pokémon Y, I'm still making my team. Here it is, followed by the problems I'

Attack:52344 Defense:50653 I'm looking for a high ranking alliance with fun people. I'm willing to spend pp during

I have an uncommon Franklin for trade. It goes to the highest bidder. Bidding shall start at 150 power packs.

This is my first Fanfiction, so please, constructive critisism and help would all be appreciated. Also if anyone wants to be


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