Hey so i'm Colin, Colin Li to be specific, i'm a chinese born in scotland therefore i'm a BBC (British born chinese). My chinese name is Kai On Li but some liek to call me Kai and my parents come from mainland China in the city of Shenzhen so don't mistaken me for a sick, snobby HK fag.

I'm a gamer and the only thing i play is my Xbox 360 previously my DS. I'm all about Gears 2 so add message me and may be we can get a match together. Anyways i like football and my favourite team is Arsenal. My all time favourite game is Super Mario 64 even though i no longer have my nintendo 64. I used to play MP:H alot but i'm a retired veteran...Thats about it so see you then :)


Currently playing-

Soul Calibur 4. Gears Of War 2

Waiting for-

Blazblue:Calamity Trigger. Assassins Creed 2

Still to complete-

Warriors Orochi 2. Lost Odyssey
Star Ocean 4


o iGaz3Kai~

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