Looking for something that isn't a water type, preferably something cute so i can give it to my wife. (Eevee, Absol, bel

Event torchic just kept over leveling lol. I can go back to the move learner and relearn any you prefer. Tell me what you

Currently i have 2 extra Elegant and 1 extra modern. I also have a ton of Rotoms and Wish Eevees to trade for other Vivillon

Still hatching all, but if you are looking for a particular nature or anything let me know. PM if interested. Mainly lookin

Hidden Ability Frogadier (Protean) Level- 30 Nature- Relaxed HP- 81 Attack- 52 Defense- 48 Sp. Atk- 59 Sp. Def- 43 Sp

post your code and keep coming back to add more don't forget to @ whoever you add ^.^ i have 50 more slots FC: 2251-

Have Mewtwo X and Xerneas. Willing to trade just the mewtwo items. Also willing to throw in a Blastoise with mega and chari

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