Jul 9, 08 4:03am

Isn't she great. If only I was over 18
luffyluffy cnc
Mar 7, 08 1:33am
Restamping everybody who stamped me!

You'll be good with some carrots >.>
Stuy cnc
Feb 20, 07 11:55pm

Sublim1nal cnc
Feb 18, 07 7:38am
Seen you around the Clothes & Fashion forum, so I'll sign.

Sign back, 1.
bad ass cnc
Jan 8, 07 1:59am

Hiya! There's someone nice! I see you around so I thought I would post this to make your day! (Yes I am nice like that) so there you go!

Signed by bad ass <3/! (heart or exclamation mark depending on gender)

PS, signing back wouldnt hurt
Dec 22, 06 4:41am
Hey it's that time of the year. Have a stamp so you won't forget.
ProfessorMaple cnc
Dec 4, 06 12:23am
I signed because I wanted to...or was it because your sig said to? Meh, either way, you've been stamped!
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj cnc
Oct 28, 06 9:40pm
You've said to sign it so I did. And I've seen you around the Twilight Princess and Brawl forums. And does the 'N' stand for Nick?
Stuy cnc
Oct 13, 06 4:54am
thank you for being my neofriend and all, and you look hot so i decided to sign.

hmmm i heard you like bape, so here is a stamp:

Azn_Applecake cnc
Oct 12, 06 3:09am
i try and make a point to sign anyone with a link to their gb in their sig...

sign back!

big slik cnc
Aug 27, 06 6:04am
Sorry for being mean all the other times.... so um yeah. You are pretty cool.


Will Smith, lol. Ask JC about a secret I told him, and he'll tell you...


Supreme Wolverine cnc
Aug 26, 06 7:34pm
I'm just goin around doin quick signs

goodbye buddy
cheesekiller cnc
Aug 26, 06 7:10am

Said sign ur GB so I did
Most Kickass Stamp eva!

See ya round loungin
The Chickmagnet07 cnc
Aug 25, 06 12:21am
Hey i seen u in the lounge so i finally decided to sign ur GB

Please sign back

Peace out
Captain Charisma cnc
Aug 7, 06 4:25pm
Wassup homie! Seen you around loungin and you seem a cool guy. Can I be one of your homies
Hypn0tic cnc
Aug 7, 06 8:38am
Hey im signing just cause i seen in your sig that you said please lol. Have a nice day

four eyes cnc
Aug 3, 06 3:43am
signing back since we hommies. Im surprised i didnt sign yet well screw this corny a$$ message i got a stamp

your pal,
luffyluffy cnc
Jul 22, 06 7:56pm
This is a random signing

Sanji and Zoro The Some What Best of Friends

Sanji and Zoro The Best of Rivals

sign me back ps i dont support ZoroXSanji Ok!!!!

Luffyluffy Signing Out
GamB cnc
Jul 22, 06 2:34am
your cool!

Sign mine, I signed yours.
GamB cnc
Jul 22, 06 2:34am
your cool!

Sign mine, I signed yours.
Dio cnc
Jul 21, 06 6:49am
Yo cnc, your a cool guy, stay cool.

See you around the forums.

from Twilight.

SkullKidKazooie cnc
Jul 10, 06 8:27pm
This is my first signing in a guest book. Not really sure what it does but I'll do it anyway. Plus you're not a bad guy.
dathboy cnc
Jul 5, 06 9:38pm
hi, im just siging cuase of the link. hey. also, if you see a guy called Feleon the Protector anywhere, dont call him Feleon the Protector, call him jesse, hes a guy, but thats his real name lol.
Shadow net583x s cnc
Jul 4, 06 11:06pm
I saw the link so here i am. I though i would sign your geustbook because...
1=Im bored
2=I feel like signing guestbooks
3=Maybe the people who's guestbooks i signed would sign mine back(hint hint)
Sorry i dont have any stamps to give.
BassDeluxe cnc
Jun 28, 06 11:35pm
You've been stamped by me you dirty little boy.