Oh! Looks great love Samus's new look. Can't lie bought Wii for Brawl and it's looking like the same thing may... read more

Taking shots at Microsoft.......that Destiny and FF Versus. read more

Is this the Dark Arisen DLC or something different? read more

Interested in predator mode, although I hope it isn't just a big target in a room full of people just shooting at... read more

Most def coming back to this game when hard mode is released. Just hope it's actually difficult. read more

Honestly sounds the most interesting of the three games. Never played XIII-2 but will keep an eye on this game. read more

Alittle underwhelming with the equipment you gain from these modes, was expecting new stuff. Atleast it's free and I... read more

I hope we earn new equipment instead of the everfall loot, seeing as I have all of it DF already. went to NG+ again... read more

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Heh nice, I might try to draw Ness at school some time. read more

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