Phenomena cmh
Aug 20, 08 10:23pm

[div align="center"]Hiya!
Thanks for joining the clan! Hope you stay and be active!
Chris717 cmh
Aug 20, 08 9:33pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook. So i guess i owe you one sexy stamp, here you go
chinz98 cmh
Aug 03, 08 7:13pm
who the hell are you? Oh well, you signed me guest book. I'm not complaining.

No stamp for you though. I don't even know you for that matter.
xxKayleexx cmh
Jul 09, 08 12:47am
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook! I did kinda notice you were cmh. XD But, again thank you. I'm really bored... Thanks for the pokemon info to! Bye!

Sorry no Stamp. Next time I promise!
DaUnholy1 cmh
Mar 01, 08 10:53am
dont take the bored part personal, i made a stamp a while back so im using it XD

kapow. uhh...dunno what else to say...cheers? opa? oh well.
Old Man Zangetsu cmh
Jan 01, 08 7:09am
If you wanted to be my wife you should've asked XD .....

Wait thats wrong..... XD

Okay Heres my stamp. It really really Amazing=

Here it comes....


Its sooo kick ass right? XD

See ya around!
00100100 cmh
Nov 27, 07 2:26am
I found this funney pic of Rukia, enjoy!

Kon is now Squishy! And he is now Rukia's, but he ain't complain'
Naruto34 cmh
Nov 12, 07 3:41am
Hey thanks for being a great friend your cool!
Lute Pwns All cmh
Oct 20, 07 9:32pm
I'm kinda new to bleach but it's still awesome

this is rukia who i don't know why she got executed

00100100 cmh
Oct 17, 07 9:11pm
Your custom title said sign your gest book if your a Bleach or FF fan, I'm both!
I only got FF X X-2 III and XII! Well, I'm just filling in space now, bye!
zelda_duda100 cmh
Oct 17, 07 1:54am
hey i never know wht to but on these ^^ but nice to meat ya and the instructions are very intemadating ^^ so... ya... like i said i never know what to say on these...
Epic cmh
Oct 17, 07 12:48am
Is a permanant rank, you can't move up by beating me, though I may be inclined to 'help you out'. But glad to have you in the clan And hey, what a coincidence, I like my guitar, pokemon and girls too!
Old Man Zangetsu cmh
Oct 15, 07 1:41am
I-I d-dont w-wanna d-die.!!!!

Wait a sec I'm signing so I wont YAY!!

Ummm..... Well Yeah thats all I got at the moment......

Funny thing I heard: If I'm going in a public pool I might as well just ask people to pee on me.

Anyway: Thanks for signing my book. See ya around Neo!
JearBear cmh
Oct 14, 07 6:55pm

hey there bro! ur wrong Chimchar IS better than charmander!
did i just spell my name wrong?

P.S. sry for copying but it is FUN!
chimekolord_62 cmh
Oct 10, 07 11:31am
hi just randomly signing any bodys guest book if they have a bleach picture in their signature or their picture

i love bleach