[div align="center"]Hiya!
Thanks for joining the clan! Hope you stay and be active!
Thanks for signing my guestbook. So i guess i owe you one sexy stamp, here you go
who the hell are you? Oh well, you signed me guest book. I'm not complaining.

No stamp for you though. I don't even know you for that matter.
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook! I did kinda notice you were cmh. XD But, again thank you. I'm really bored... Thanks for the pokemon info to! Bye!

Sorry no Stamp. Next time I promise!
dont take the bored part personal, i made a stamp a while back so im using it XD

kapow. uhh...dunno what else to say...cheers? opa? oh well.
If you wanted to be my wife you should've asked XD .....

Wait thats wrong..... XD

Okay Heres my stamp. It really really Amazing=

Here it comes....


Its sooo kick ass right? XD

See ya around!
I found this funney pic of Rukia, enjoy!

Kon is now Squishy! And he is now Rukia's, but he ain't complain'
Hey thanks for being a great friend your cool!
I'm kinda new to bleach but it's still awesome

this is rukia who i don't know why she got executed

Your custom title said sign your gest book if your a Bleach or FF fan, I'm both!
I only got FF X X-2 III and XII! Well, I'm just filling in space now, bye!
hey i never know wht to but on these ^^ but nice to meat ya and the instructions are very intemadating ^^ so... ya... like i said i never know what to say on these...
Is a permanant rank, you can't move up by beating me, though I may be inclined to 'help you out'. But glad to have you in the clan And hey, what a coincidence, I like my guitar, pokemon and girls too!
I-I d-dont w-wanna d-die.!!!!

Wait a sec I'm signing so I wont YAY!!

Ummm..... Well Yeah thats all I got at the moment......

Funny thing I heard: If I'm going in a public pool I might as well just ask people to pee on me.

Anyway: Thanks for signing my book. See ya around Neo!

hey there bro! ur wrong Chimchar IS better than charmander!
did i just spell my name wrong?

P.S. sry for copying but it is FUN!
hi just randomly signing any bodys guest book if they have a bleach picture in their signature or their picture

i love bleach