Wow your guestbook is dusteh.

Thought I would sign since we are trying to bring the whole guestbook thing back. Also I likes you =D

Merry Christmas, may your plantpots be filled with Christmas rhino joy

hope you like it:) YOU ROCK YEAH! SEE YOU

So sorry the signback is so late; Deis is a very busy person. Without her, my life would mean nothing, for I am absolutely worthless. She's so generous that she's allowing me to use her name in public, which is something that I otherwise wouldn't dream of doing.

She's the most beautiful woman in the world, and being her slave is a privilege, rather than a burden.

From the slave, verdantabyss.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Hey wonderboy (is it still ok I call you that?) it's been a while.

Merry Christmas!

Ages ago I promised you a signing with
my rabbits... here it is! ^^;

Seen you around the football forum and seeing you are a follower of lower league football(If you call watching Raith football!) like myself I feel you deserve a signing.

See ya around

Sorry it took me so long to sign back.

Hey cinosanap! Saw the link in your sig and thought "what the hell!" clicked, looked at the other entrys and decided to leave one. this one. yup.

Stamped by:

(yes, this IS the pic you made me!)
To a fellow SOADer, may all your days be SOADfull...

...OK, I tried to think of something meaningful but i'm just not a meaningful person.

WV xx
I notice the link in the corner of my eye and though I would sign. : )

Jesus I hate it when it says you must use over 125 characters.
Heya there, I've seen you in the UK forum a few times and thought it was about time I signed your guest book as you seem pretty cool. Plus your Scottish which is a bonus. I see you have your Standard Exams this year, don't worry they are easy enough! Anyways catch ya later and mind and sign back.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!
You have become a victim of my little tune I play... Don't get to attacted!!

Thanks for signing!

Irn bru sucks!

See you around!

Love Lady Luck
Thanks for signing my GB. Here's my new stamp. See you around.
Hey there, ive seen you around the bf2 forums and just thought id say hi. Im too lazy to get stamp so, ummm, i hope you dont mind.

Ghetto Bird
Well I saw the link, clicked on it and well...... Anyway I hope I'll see you in some forums. Sign back if you want. See ya.

im on a signing spree...and obviously signing urs:P

please sign back?

if u want to be my neofriend pm me^_^
I am teh irish man o.0

I'm to lazeh to find mah stamp XD

[Insert stamp here]

Pm me if you want to become friends ^__^
yay I like to sign random guestbooks:D must make sign over the minimum length of 125 charactersO.o
Since you asked so nicely and all...

Heheh, signing guestbooks is fun^_^