We used to be great friends in the Silent Hill forums. Why did you leave us? I mean I kinda did now too I have been on a bann for more than a year because I got in a freakin flame war and they deserved it but the mod guy hated me because I humiliated him on something I forget. God I want my status back!

So how are you?
It has been far too long since I have talked to you, but hope you are having a great time, I miss you! So how are the girls? Well I hope you are well. Sign my book please! If you have not then sign it again if you can!
Have a pleasant Christmas, Yule, Hanukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice or whatever will fill up my 125 character limit.

As eileen says. we are both silent hill fans so i guess i should do the honourable thing and sign your guestbook. How're u gettin' on there?
*small voice* please sign mine as well
No, Never Eat Raw Meat. Not Even That God Thing Claudia Swallows. It Looks Yummy!
You Are Kinda Crazy, Huh. Raw Meet. I Was Killin' Myself Laughin When I First Wrote That!

Not because they're beligerant but because it's what the stamp says, it's a good thing okay?, when will the persecution stop?!...

So anyway, apologies on behalf of myself and my small font, glad it has an abstract effect on you. You beat me too it, I was on the edge of signing your guestbook literally minutes before I checked mine, guess the puppie decapitation scared me away... getting to my point you are perhaps the only member keeping me sane in the SH forums with your knowledge and insane remarks (that kind of contradicts the sane quality I guess).

ANYWAY before I start to ramble on, see you in the forums, thanks for being there.
I just decided to drop by and show you What I found. I know you will like it..oh I mean LOVE IT!!!

consider your guestbook SIGNED. and be prepared to hear lots of ranting from me in the future about how the clanging in the clock room scares me, how i post mainly in www.ultimatemetal.com, SH2 has the most dark and depressing atmosphere, as well as other highly redundant statements and threads that have been discussed and said many times before. not that i would give half a shit, but just sayin'.... and so the moral of this guestbook posting? listen to nocturnus
Hello, Chrys.

Now I just want to ask you one thing, when are you going to put more stuff into the ghost hunt story?

Try to get more up, I'm really enjoying it. And if you can't...well...I'll have no other choice than to tie you to a chair and force you to watch my nightmare...

I just had to come here because I heard you had a new boyfriend! **wave wave!** Hi, Vic!

Well! (**rubbing hands together in anticipation**) Now that I'm here, let's crack out the Labatts, fire up that new PS2, and the three of us can play Silent Hill 3 on the "extra gore" setting!! Woo hoo!

Jen (Whaddaya mean "you think I should be going now?" You invited Vic over to play video games, right?)
Hello, Chrys!

Just thought I'd stamp your guestbook, seeing as there is a nice reward for this and also just for the sake of signing, you absouloutley brilliant novelist-humiliator story tellin' person!

PS: I wrote this after my little "misunderstanding" with uh...what's her name...Marnie? :-)

See ya,

Daigo like Chrys. Chrys no make fun Daigo talk. Daigo no know why, Daigo only prawn, in giant game of chess. Bow wow WOW!Er...I like your Dog. Seriously.
Hey Chrysamere! Just thought I'd swing by and stamp your guestbook. Any fan of Vincent is wicked in my book... CHEERS!

"I know about the pleasures of THIS world."
Was up!I love your noval story it was a great story!So do you think X-box is better than a ps2 I think not do you! Sign my guest book my friend!
Hey, howzit goin'? I thought I should sign your guest book, seeing that it is EMPTY!
Anyways, sign my guestbook when you get the chance. I'd much appreaciate it. See ya around....