i would like to say something nice about all the wonderfull members here.

twirly,your uterus has fallen out.and your kids just ate the cat.

ladylove, just point that gun at someone else,ok?

darkdreamer,i would love to hear you say "I can't give her any more power cap'n!!!".

wile.e.dieago, keep up the good work on your storywriting,and do you have any Grey Poupon?

lupin3rd, your banners are awesome!! and you squeel like a girl!!!

Chief, your writing is so good now!it's all those sex-stories you write to playboy...isin't it?

and if i forgot anyone,consider yourself lucky, i might have said something nice.

and MV
I love you always.


hmmm,i never really liked games,until i played sh2,well,i liked horror movies and the game is like a i wanna marry vincent,and i'm writing a's taking soooo long.

twirlybird is an evil donut devil,and watch out for ladyloves guns(she gets excited)and steer clear of ganeymedes "heat seeking missile".

i love my children,my dog.but i hate my computer.blargghhh!!!


banner by Serial Zero.
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