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Jun 24, 11 8:58pm

Due to a recent acquisition made by our good brother Zero, the ANBU Clan has had changed! Now, with our funky cool new "Eternal" Armour Effect, The ANBU Clan has had a face lift! Ditching our old emblem:

we have now adopted this emblem, calling ourselves, appropriately, "The Knights of the Blue Flame":

Despite this change, we are still the same old Clan at heart! Only now we have a new main member in the form of "iTZz UR DEmIsE"! We will, as soon as we can, be letting our other members know, as soon as we can find them, and remember who there is... The only downside to our new acquisition is that soon with Bungie passing over the helm to 343 Industries, they're going to be making "Eternal" available to everyone, so until then, it's going to be fun and games, especially with the two nutters who are our Clan Brothers Demise and Zero, winding people up who are daft enough to let them!

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May 6, 10 2:07am

I am a very big DragonBall fan, as you can probably tell, and as you can imagine when I heard there was going to be a live-action DragonBall Movie, I was pretty excited.

However what we wound up getting was a plot that could only have been written by a DragonBall hater, sub-standard acting, a talentless nobody in the much-loved role of Yamcha, a white dork in the role of Son Goku and a second-rate afterthought instead of an actual Dragon.

Now, don't get me wrong, I wasn't actually being racist when I called Justin Chatwin "a white dork", I too am white. But many fans did insist that Goku should be played by an Asian actor, NOT someone like Justin Chatwin.

Now, when you go to post your ballots tomorrow, remember this: David Cameron is the sort of person who liked DragonBall: Evolution (all 2 morons). He's the sort of person who liked the noob who played Yamcha. He's the sort of person who would happily give Justin Chatwin the role of Son Goku in the DragonBall Z Video Games in the place of Sean Schemell. David Cameron is the sort of bloke who would laugh at the criticism the movie recieved and go right ahead and make no improvements in any way, shape or form. He would in fact, right after making things a whole lot worse, give the go-ahead for a Game based on the live-action DragonBall Movies.

In short, David Cameron as Prime Minister is like Justin Chatwin as Son Goku: A clueless muppet who couldn't act the part if he had a full instruction book.

So remember: Don't vote Conservative, don't vote Chatwin!

This has been a partly political blog brought to you from chrisdoyle, unofficial Prime Minister of the as-yet-not-set-up "We Hate Justin Chatwin Club"
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Apr 12, 10 3:18am

First it was me, Son Goku84, and Butcher Benny, Zero 2362...

Then, we added Ash-a-my-boy, Inuzuka 007. And his sister unoficially, but still technically, Haz, WolfGirlRyn, joined.

We then had an on-off member, the first member neither of us know outside of XBox Live a cheery young chap named simply Tjno.

Now, Ash and I have convinced our latest member into joining. Another cheery young fellow we all know and love, partly cuz he's quite a fun lad (hiding up a wall on Narrows, brilliant), as LazyBoy 112!

During the time Ash and I spent in the Double EXP Weekend the other week, another guy seemed to join our Clan, but he didn't match up all the emblem colours quite, so it's hard to say whether or not he is a serious member of our clan. Plus, the problem is neither Ash or I can either remember his name, or find his profile... We fail!

Oh, well... Anyway, let's hope for the continued growth and prosperity of the Anbu Clan. Oh, and "MOO!".

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Mar 21, 10 4:33am

Wow, my first ever blog...

Anyway, I've started to mock up actual images of my Custom Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck. Or rather images of the cards I've done on CardMaker.

In case you're wondering, I first had an idea of doing my own unique deck, but I didn't think there would be any point.

Luckily for me, in Leeds we had a store where you could go on weekends and either Duel or trade cards and it was there that I heard about this other guy who'd made his own Custom Deck based on the game of chess. Apparently you can't summon any other piece unless the King was on the Field, plus he cannot be destroyed, but if he is, you win the Duel immediately.

So after an hour or 3, I'd finally finished mocking up the Effects, some Spells and some Traps... However, since I didn't know they were any good I decided to make a proxy deck, and have modified it considerably since the first version, especially after its only loss which came at the hands of a Chaos Deck. I was able to come away with some bragging rights, I not only survived Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, but it actually made me stronger as I quickly got my best Monster out and soon built up my defences, it eventually took Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End to break the stalemate we were locked in, though.

Anyway that's enough about its one failing... I based it on the animals of the Chinese Zodiac and used the 12 Devas Digimon as a basis. Of course after I saw the Anime Fruits Basket, I quickly added the cat to the mix in the form of the only collaboration within that Deck from the guy who actually owned the Chaos Deck that beat it. And naturally I've added a couple new Spells and Traps since then.

I will soon be posting, and revealing, the first images of this insanely, remarkably hard to beat, Deck of mine that quickly turned into my best Deck, with my Red-Eyes/Dragon Deck in a close second. And to make it worse, the owner of that Chaos Deck has come up with a bunch of Custom Cards himself based on Gundam. And at the minute I'm working on another Custom Deck for my other Clan brother based on the Autobots from various Transformers' Series.

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Jul 18, 09 8:00pm
Same as above TombRaiderLegend
Jul 18, 09 7:56pm
Same story as with Underworld TombRaiderAnniversary
Jul 18, 09 7:55pm
Only so I can let my mate see the story as he's not too good at the gameplay TombRaiderUnderworld
Jul 18, 09 7:52pm
Had it on the PlayStation, loved it, now have it emulated onto my Laptop FinalFantasy6Advance
Jul 18, 09 7:52pm
Emulated onto my Laptop FinalFantasy5Advance
Jul 18, 09 7:51pm
Emulated onto my Laptop FinalFantasy4Advance
Jul 18, 09 7:50pm
Emulated onto my Laptop FinalFantasy1and2DawnOfSouls
Jul 18, 09 7:47pm
Borrowed, nearly finished, only have a couple Ultima Weapons to get and Omega to beat! I hate the Weapons... FinalFantasy8
Jul 18, 09 7:45pm
Borrowed, have most of the best Weapons and Materia, but can't beat the damned Weapons!!! FinalFantasy7
Jul 18, 09 7:40pm
All the new Sonic games are s... SonicMegaCollectionPlus
Jul 18, 09 7:38pm
Borrowed, A.I. is appalling, though! That said I have won Tag Force more times than is funny YuGiOhGXTheBeginningOfDestiny
Jul 18, 09 7:36pm
Borrowed FinalFantasy7DirgeOfCerberus
Jun 15, 08 12:10pm
lost it, though PokemonXDGaleOfDarkness
Jun 15, 08 12:09pm
First PS2 game I got GranTurismo3Aspec
Jun 15, 08 12:09pm
Fun WorldRallyChampionship
Jun 15, 08 12:09pm
First N64 game PokemonStadium

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