Biography??? Wow, this is technical, huh? Well, I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado on August....
wait a minute...nevermind. You don't care about that. Most likely, if you are reading this, you noticed that I am a twenty one year old female....and my best guess is that you are an undersexed teenaged guy....well, my friend, you'll be disappointed to know that I am happily ball and chained, so back off!!
Just kidding. I'm available for chat whenever you find me online. (I promise I won't bite)


I looove Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Onimusha, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Tony Hawk, Front Mission, Jet Moto, Twisted Metal, and Threads of Fate (don't make fun of me...I think Mint is a cutie). I also love computers, designing webpages, and the site:


The Fantabulous Chocobo Annie "Never say it isn't worth it.... [link][/link]
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Review: Final Fantasy X - FFX Throttles RPG Competition

Dec 24, 2001

Up until this December, Final Fantasy Vii and Chrono Cross were my all time favorite RPG games.... that is, until FFX made its official debut in the U.S. We waited, and waited, and waited....and finally, it has arrived. I risked my life, driving...

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