I have a new stamp! It has bishies on it! I hope you like Fire Emblem! I also hope you like exclamation marks! If so you'll love this signing! STAMP!!!!!!!!

cya around,

lotsa luv,

Cute chao

Great to see you're back online, Choco! I look forward to RPing again! Once more, I am left stampless. However, I'll just leave this here to express my happiness at my neo-sister's return! YAY!

Sincerely Yours,
Thank you for signing my guest book.

I haven't made a new stamp in ages, so I thought I'd put at least a nice animation in it.

Hope you like it! See ya around!
I've just had a quick look through your guestbook and felt shocked! I have not put my stamp anywhere inside it!!! Well, seeing as I intrude in your art thread a lot, I fell I ought to leave you a stamp so here you are

See you in your art thread

Lotsa Luv

Cute Chao

hey chocobeth, i see u in the FF forums like every time & we seem to share the same hatred towards Tidus, so i guess that deserves a signing from me, lol. well see ya around the forums

Hello there! I just noticed you wrote in my guestbook... last year. I'm sorry, I haven't been around much, and even when I was around I was horrible at checking my guestbook. Many apologies, and - some more!

I'm glad you appreciated my epic and 100% true life-story; I feel it's my duty to write it all down while I'm alive. I'd hate it if, after I'm dead, people will just make up wild stories about me :{

Anyway, seeya around the forums!
Hey, chocobeth. Since I see you quite often in FF forums and FF8 is your fav RPG, I'll give you the honour of having your GB signed by the Lone Warrior. No stamps yet, though.

I'll be seeing you around.
I sign everyones book! I like your avatar, I haven't seen that show in quite a bit actually...

Chain Chomp wuz hear...
Hey, Choco! I'm sorry about my PM Inbox, BTW. I'm new at PM Lmits, you know. Anyways, I wish you a late Merry Christmas!

Hey I saw ya around so i thought i would sign. Sign back!

Hey choco, I'm really horrible about guestbook signings... So please don't be offended that I didn't sign it earlier.
xix Happy Holidays xix

Wishing you the merriest Christmas!

!~Be naughty and save Santa the trip =3

xix Den-den xix
OOH! CHRISTMAS SIGNINGS! All the days of December leading up to the 25th! And I'm running out of unique messages... But, here's the 2 stamps I'm handing out to people! In it's debut, the Tidus and Yunie stamp!

And your second one, also debuting, is the Yunie Sending as Santa stamp! Yes! It's the Kilika Sending! And she's dressed as Santa!

And another one for your sheer creativity involving chocobos! It's... Spike from Cowboy Bebop! And he accidentally set his hat on fire... Don't do that this Christmas! See ya!

±±± Happy Holidays ±±±

« Chobo the Hobo»
Hi! Hope your having a nice day! (don't forget to sign back!)

I've got a much better stamp then the first time and wanted to make up the the pitiful excuse that it was! (no offense to Mr. T)

Enjoy this one, I made it myself!

Hopefully a similar one I posted for a banner contest will become the header of the oblivion forum!

Better hurry with that dragon you promised me or those 5 will get messy!

You've just been STAMPED...
By: Willy1514
Sign Back...
Well I guess i'm your newest fan, so here I am! You have great skill in both art and writing and it's great to see your express your creativity here on neo! Thanks for signing my guestbok too! I'm afraid my stamp is quite pathetic compared to your top quality one, but it gets the job done!

Keep it up!
Well, looks like you're the first person to receive my self made Rammstein stamp! Yaaayyy! As I said earlier, this is a shot of Schneider from the new Benzin video.
-crosses fingers and hopes it doesn't look too crappy-

thanx for signing my guest book!
(your art rules)

ive seen you around the art thread, you're really good at it and hopefully soon i can get a thread up well, until then
Thanks for responding to my art thread. You're a very talented artist, keep up the great work!

Happy Hallowe'en!

I love My Neighbor Totoro. xD... Now I wish I should have brought that with me to college. xD

Anyway, I love your art! You'll become a professional, yes?

Or not. xD Who knows. xD

Glad you like my art!

Stampy!! ^-^

Random Signing ^-^

Sign back if you have the time =)

Thankies for signing my guestbook! your stamp was ko0ol, you're such a good artist! *envious*
well, it's halloween soon(ish) so heres a halloween stamp for you!
hope you like it!

Spooky eh eh? ...naw i didn't think so either XD
see ya soon!