punk_anime_girl cherry_seasons
May 11, 08 12:57pm
Hi! It's been a while since we talked, huh?
Anyway, just dropping by to sign.
Sorry if my stamp is way ugly. Lolx.

Hope we can be better friends! XD
Country Girl cherry_seasons
Mar 24, 08 9:46pm
Wishing you a very happy Easter this year!

Country Girl cherry_seasons
Feb 25, 08 12:49am

I'm going on a stamping spree... because I can. Hope you're well and that you have a terrific day!

Best wishes from your friend, Ashleigh!

Kyinnla cherry_seasons
Jan 07, 08 6:43am
I know this is late and all, but I just got this stamp today.

~credit goes to Norica_XIII

Happy Belated New Year!

You're graphics are awesome, keep up the good work.

LilKittyzAngel cherry_seasons
Dec 30, 07 12:00pm
I just wanted to wish you
Happy holidays! Even though its kinda
late. lolz
&& have a happy new year!
I <3 your graphics!! ^^

Ichigo_Rox cherry_seasons
Dec 26, 07 9:12am
OOOH MERRY CHRISTMAS JESSIE! (I'm always late for this stuff)

Lavender Blush cherry_seasons
Dec 25, 07 6:50am
Hi Jessie, long time no hear!
You are such a good friend to me and I just had to come by to wish you a happy holiday and an amazing new year!

You rock girl!
Country Girl cherry_seasons
Dec 24, 07 10:12pm
Hey Jessie!

Happy holidays! I'm looking forward to seeing more excellent graphics from you in the new year! Keep that wonderful talent going.

punk_anime_girl cherry_seasons
Dec 19, 07 6:02pm
Hi! Thanks for helping me in Neo!
Mouschi Chan cherry_seasons
Dec 17, 07 7:11am
I sorry if you feel ignored here special stamp...only one like it!!!
Ichigo_Rox cherry_seasons
Dec 09, 07 9:50pm
Hello my friend! I am signing your GB with my new stamp!

lilbil cherry_seasons
Dec 03, 07 9:08pm
i think ur gr8!!!! !!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i dont no ya so hi anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
bob247 cherry_seasons
Nov 19, 07 2:13pm
I'm going leaving neossker, it's too boring here online. http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa33/tylon2007/?action=view¤t=new.jpg
Crystal Creation cherry_seasons
Oct 14, 07 3:54am
Stampage for you:

See you later.
Take care:
Dark Arcanine cherry_seasons
Sep 17, 07 4:06pm
You really are a great friend, your pm's are always a joy to receive and I hope our friendship only grows stronger and here's a stamp for you!

xSquirrel_Loverx cherry_seasons
Sep 14, 07 4:52pm
We haven't talked in a while and you haven't answered my PM

Like my new stamp? I made it myself and I am pretty proud of it ^^
wilsondj3 cherry_seasons
Sep 11, 07 2:17am
HI! I just wanted to say hi, and ask how you make a stamp.
well you have to have a minimum length of 125 characters but I don't know why and I don't really know what else to say. Oh, would you like to sign my guest book?
umm what else? oh, my favorite color is purple. well maybe I have enough on here now.
baby_Lord cherry_seasons
Sep 06, 07 7:49am
Last signing I forgot to give you my awesome stamp, so here you go:
Ichigo_Rox cherry_seasons
Aug 28, 07 7:00pm
Best friends stamp each other! So that's what I'm doing!!! YAY!!!
xSquirrel_Loverx cherry_seasons
Aug 26, 07 6:51pm
Hi! I want a cookie! Oh, and... I love squirrels! Anyways, I hope we can become great friends.

isa_12 cherry_seasons
Aug 25, 07 10:39am
hi im signing my great friends using my friends forever stamp!hope you like it!
Crystal Creation cherry_seasons
Aug 24, 07 10:17am
Lolz. Can I call you Jessay from now on? =D Sounds like Essay though, and Essays are Lame, so maybe not. -.-
Anyways, you've been a very cool friend to me! I just hope i've been a good friend to you...
Here is a Stamp. Thank you so much for talking to me and stuff! My Inbox would get like mega boring otherwise:

I was going to sign earlier, but Photobucket was "Down" (taking a break in other words lolz) so I couldn't Stamp at the time!
See you around Jessie!
Lotsa Love!

greenbean cherry_seasons
Aug 22, 07 12:46am
Hello, I am going to sing your gb with a twist.
No it isn't painful,(maybe:X) Joking....=/
Well I hope you enjoy this pic and also you are cool!
Ichigo_Rox cherry_seasons
Aug 21, 07 10:31am

I made it on paint, do you like it? I can't do anything verywell on paint...sorry...!!!
KonvictSaiyan cherry_seasons
Aug 20, 07 5:52am

Hey, Dropping by and saw your portfolio, Looking good for 2 weeks experience, Your banners teached me new styles of making banners, I improved because of your banner styles, Thanks for that. Please stamp back and hope we can become neo-friends