Dec 18, 12 9:52pm

I wouldn't be so sure Barioth. I could see a simple Dark Souls-like port of this game to PC. Seems like they're... read more

Dec 18, 12 8:23pm

Well, at least it sounds like they're taking their time with it rather than making the console version and just... read more

Dec 18, 12 7:47pm

I think PC is still not a first priority read more

Dec 18, 12 7:44pm

No trailer for a game this year got me more pumped up than this one. The song was perfect, and everything shown... read more

Dec 18, 12 6:38pm

Freaking sweet. Definitely playing when I finish Black Mesa itself. read more

Dec 18, 12 8:23am

quote DiamondMaster11
Looks cool, but not enough that I regret trading the game in about a week after getting it. The...
read more

Dec 17, 12 5:39pm

Spoiler: Final Boss is Bad Box Art Megaman. read more

Dec 17, 12 2:19pm

i love this idea because I've tried to teach my brother to play this game and its not working out for me so im going... read more

Dec 17, 12 1:59pm

oof.. the site appears to be getting hammered.. real slowly loading read more

Dec 17, 12 11:56am

> Don't download anywhere else other than Capcoms site to "gouge interest in street fightermegaman
> 10KB/s for a 33... read more

Dec 16, 12 8:51pm

Bought this game ages ago and loved it to pieces, went off it for a few good months (all FPS in general really) and... read more

Dec 16, 12 1:08pm

It wasn't great in beta and even if they had gone to a F2P and not a B2P like GW 2 it would still kinda suck. read more

Dec 16, 12 9:47am

Really glad to hear this. Too many games focus too much on the MP that the SP suffers. Looking forward to an awesome... read more

Dec 16, 12 2:21am

Excellent news. It felt tacked on in Bioshock 2. I would have never played it anyways. read more

Dec 15, 12 9:55pm

Time to revise the strategy for Stalingrad..."No ships will come through Volga River"!!!!! read more

Dec 15, 12 8:50am

Is it coming to PC?
D: I don't wanna buy a freaking PS3. read more

Dec 15, 12 4:51am

rpg You have to use it around other boxes and stuff obviously, Though there aren't very many places to use them in... read more

Dec 15, 12 3:27am

Hehe, if you listened to the end of the first vid, he got discovered while in THE BOX.
Now I've got a question about... read more

Dec 15, 12 12:27am

I'm going to give it a chance when it gets released, I am really interested to see where they are going with this in... read more

Dec 15, 12 12:04am

Ever since Stranger's Wrath HD was released, I've been waiting for this one to come out, too. read more

Dec 14, 12 10:06pm

quote rpg
I'm going to be buying it regardless on how stealth is in the game -.-
All someone has to do is put *metal...
read more

Dec 14, 12 7:11pm

I'm going to be buying it regardless on how stealth is in the game -.-
All someone has to do is put *metal gear* on... read more