Well, at least it sounds like they're taking their time with it rather than making the console version and just... read more

No trailer for a game this year got me more pumped up than this one. The song was perfect, and everything shown... read more

Freaking sweet. Definitely playing when I finish Black Mesa itself. read more

quote DiamondMaster11
Looks cool, but not enough that I regret trading the game in about a week after getting it. The...
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i love this idea because I've tried to teach my brother to play this game and its not working out for me so im going... read more

oof.. the site appears to be getting hammered.. real slowly loading read more

> Don't download anywhere else other than Capcoms site to "gouge interest in street fightermegaman
> 10KB/s for a 33... read more

Bought this game ages ago and loved it to pieces, went off it for a few good months (all FPS in general really) and... read more

It wasn't great in beta and even if they had gone to a F2P and not a B2P like GW 2 it would still kinda suck. read more

Really glad to hear this. Too many games focus too much on the MP that the SP suffers. Looking forward to an awesome... read more

Excellent news. It felt tacked on in Bioshock 2. I would have never played it anyways. read more

Time to revise the strategy for Stalingrad..."No ships will come through Volga River"!!!!! read more

Is it coming to PC?
D: I don't wanna buy a freaking PS3. read more

rpg You have to use it around other boxes and stuff obviously, Though there aren't very many places to use them in... read more

Hehe, if you listened to the end of the first vid, he got discovered while in THE BOX.
Now I've got a question about... read more

I'm going to give it a chance when it gets released, I am really interested to see where they are going with this in... read more

Ever since Stranger's Wrath HD was released, I've been waiting for this one to come out, too. read more

quote rpg
I'm going to be buying it regardless on how stealth is in the game -.-
All someone has to do is put *metal...
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I'm going to be buying it regardless on how stealth is in the game -.-
All someone has to do is put *metal gear* on... read more

Update for 360 users:

quote EIDOS
We have received feedback from Microsoft and expect that the 360 Title Update will...
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