It definitely looks like there are frustrating combinations of enemies to fight on the harder difficulties here.... read more

He got the basic gist of de_dust2 down but the scale is wrong, it's huuuge. read more

quote bbb7002004
Always nice to see RPGs headed to the 3DS, will definitely check this out.
I recomend you also check... read more

it's all on the place right where it needs to be. sick!

the textures on the objects may not be the same but... read more

It's so hard to support Atlus in the Europe, I would have waited, could have but after screwing us over so... read more

You're talking about the current player vs AI? I think this is supposed to be something entirely different.

No matter... read more

This came out first, but this will be my first time playing through. read more

don't forget to mention that a Vita is required making this a $255 dlc. you don't want to lead people in believing... read more

A Person:
Not to get technical, but wouldn't it be the other way around? read more

The only problem I have with this is at the moment the AI just tries to kill you at 5 or 7 minutes with 3 attacks,... read more

God I'm so down for this. Reminds me of Nocturne read more

Always nice to see RPGs headed to the 3DS, will definitely check this out. read more

Got the update last night, but to be honest i'd never experienced any crashing or freezing at all. read more

Happy to hear this. This game for me went from manageable to rediculously unbeatable in a matter of one level. read more

You have a point there Lorx. Kojima productions is the sort of company you'd expect to take their time and do things... read more

I wouldn't be so sure Barioth. I could see a simple Dark Souls-like port of this game to PC. Seems like they're... read more