Dec 20, 12 8:23pm

May God bless Crysis 3 and Cry Engine 3.... read more

Dec 20, 12 4:42pm

Nice, I've been having an itch for STALKER recently. I suppose a mod could get me back into that. read more

Dec 20, 12 4:30pm

It definitely looks like there are frustrating combinations of enemies to fight on the harder difficulties here.... read more

Dec 20, 12 2:44pm

He got the basic gist of de_dust2 down but the scale is wrong, it's huuuge. read more

Duncan Idaho
Dec 20, 12 1:40pm

quote bbb7002004
Always nice to see RPGs headed to the 3DS, will definitely check this out.
I recomend you also check... read more

Dec 20, 12 1:17pm

it's all on the place right where it needs to be. sick!

the textures on the objects may not be the same but... read more

Dec 20, 12 12:36pm

This had to be on the weekend I'm gone for three days. DAMMIT! read more

Dec 20, 12 5:54am

It's so hard to support Atlus in the Europe, I would have waited, could have but after screwing us over so... read more

Dec 19, 12 9:13pm

Consumer cycle jerks for Xmas!!! read more

Dec 19, 12 8:39pm

You're talking about the current player vs AI? I think this is supposed to be something entirely different.

No matter... read more

Dec 19, 12 6:13pm

Damn... my excitement is renewed. Can't wait! read more

Dec 19, 12 5:50pm

This came out first, but this will be my first time playing through. read more

Dec 19, 12 5:31pm

don't forget to mention that a Vita is required making this a $255 dlc. you don't want to lead people in believing... read more

Dec 19, 12 5:31pm

A Person:
Not to get technical, but wouldn't it be the other way around? read more

Dec 19, 12 4:40pm

The only problem I have with this is at the moment the AI just tries to kill you at 5 or 7 minutes with 3 attacks,... read more

Dec 19, 12 1:50pm

This is beyond awesome. Thanks a lot for posting! read more

Dec 19, 12 1:41pm

God I'm so down for this. Reminds me of Nocturne read more

Dec 19, 12 1:27pm

And will arrive in Europe "early 2014" ... read more

Dec 19, 12 11:55am

Always nice to see RPGs headed to the 3DS, will definitely check this out. read more

Ghetto Prince
Dec 19, 12 9:04am

Got the update last night, but to be honest i'd never experienced any crashing or freezing at all. read more

Abyss Raider
Dec 19, 12 7:17am

Happy to hear this. This game for me went from manageable to rediculously unbeatable in a matter of one level. read more

Dec 19, 12 5:59am

You have a point there Lorx. Kojima productions is the sort of company you'd expect to take their time and do things... read more