Damn, this looks so damn amazing. If the PS4 or the Next Xbox don't look like this I will cry. lol read more

quote Fluidity
Hey if you by any chance don't want it, I'm uh, a collector of rare goods. I can take it off your...
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Hey if you by any chance don't want it, I'm uh, a collector of rare goods. I can take it off your hands and give it... read more

Capcom has been outsourcing to the cheapest western developer for years with little regards to quality of the... read more

I still have my solid gold edition in the plastic, I haven't opened it yet because I ended up getting the game for... read more

Very happy on this, but I still need to buy a 32 GB memory card and I don't feel like spending $100, unless I really... read more

I shall wait until all patches are out and complete... read more

Looks so similiar to one of the compounds in the Dark Valley from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. read more

It's really not that bad... I actually thought it was pretty accurate. At least the way the npc's reacted.

Way better... read more

There's a Fary Cry video which is worse than Bmovie, now thre is another one...just for amateurs cateogry... read more

The average price for the SGP edition has gone up to about $100 (new, judging from Ebay); no one's selling it at the... read more

there I go getting ahead of myself already in 2013.

I don't think Capcom was worried at all, handing the reins to... read more

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You can run AND shoot forward?!
No, you can shoot AND run forward. The game is amazing but not THAT... read more

Just when this side story had a slight semblance of hope for potential of a mildly entertaining thing BAM! Tam Tam... read more

That's one thing that Platinum really spoiled me. The extreme precise controls of Bayonetta has made it even hard to... read more

I generally dislike the Ninja Gaiden series for it's overall control clunky-ness. It doesn't seem neat as I would... read more

I have got to say I am impressed. They took an awful game and made it LOOK good however I still fear that the... read more

This is actually something the Vita has and the 3DS doesn't, Many a time have I found myself playing on my 3DS and I... read more