Jan 4, 13 1:18am

Lmao that short wasn't too bad.

Believe it or not.. the actual Far Cry movie was far worse than that. read more

Jan 3, 13 5:54pm

It doesn't make me want to buy the game (and considering the video was sponsored by the makers of the game this is... read more

Jan 3, 13 2:29am

Have you played beta already? What do you think about this game? read more

Tommy Vercetti
Jan 3, 13 12:35am

Damn, this looks so damn amazing. If the PS4 or the Next Xbox don't look like this I will cry. lol read more

Jan 2, 13 3:56pm

quote Fluidity
Hey if you by any chance don't want it, I'm uh, a collector of rare goods. I can take it off your...
read more

Jan 2, 13 2:50am

Hey if you by any chance don't want it, I'm uh, a collector of rare goods. I can take it off your hands and give it... read more

Jan 1, 13 2:41pm

Capcom has been outsourcing to the cheapest western developer for years with little regards to quality of the... read more

Jan 1, 13 2:12pm

I still have my solid gold edition in the plastic, I haven't opened it yet because I ended up getting the game for... read more

Jan 1, 13 12:27pm

Very happy on this, but I still need to buy a 32 GB memory card and I don't feel like spending $100, unless I really... read more

Jan 1, 13 10:28am

I shall wait until all patches are out and complete... read more

Jan 1, 13 8:09am

Very good game i have seen so far... it's too realistic. read more

LZ Schneider
Jan 1, 13 7:20am

I too actually enjoyed this video. It was well made. read more

Jan 1, 13 6:04am

Looks so similiar to one of the compounds in the Dark Valley from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. read more

Jan 1, 13 12:50am

It's really not that bad... I actually thought it was pretty accurate. At least the way the npc's reacted.

Way better... read more

Dec 31, 12 11:49pm

I must play Ninja Gaiden 3 before the end of Janauary read more

Dec 31, 12 11:46pm

DMC still rocks.... read more

Dec 31, 12 9:18pm

There's a Fary Cry video which is worse than Bmovie, now thre is another one...just for amateurs cateogry... read more

Dec 31, 12 9:03pm

The average price for the SGP edition has gone up to about $100 (new, judging from Ebay); no one's selling it at the... read more

Dec 31, 12 5:15pm

there I go getting ahead of myself already in 2013.

I don't think Capcom was worried at all, handing the reins to... read more

Dec 31, 12 5:14pm

quote A Person
You can run AND shoot forward?!
No, you can shoot AND run forward. The game is amazing but not THAT... read more

Dec 31, 12 5:07pm

You can run AND shoot forward?! read more

Dec 31, 12 4:02pm

Just when this side story had a slight semblance of hope for potential of a mildly entertaining thing BAM! Tam Tam... read more

Dec 31, 12 3:25pm

That's one thing that Platinum really spoiled me. The extreme precise controls of Bayonetta has made it even hard to... read more

Dec 31, 12 3:22pm

I generally dislike the Ninja Gaiden series for it's overall control clunky-ness. It doesn't seem neat as I would... read more

Dec 31, 12 3:18pm

I have got to say I am impressed. They took an awful game and made it LOOK good however I still fear that the... read more